Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Weekend That My iPhone Imploded...Again

I took some awesome photos on my way to Portland on Friday.
Too bad Apple BLOWS!!

I hate iPhones.

I hate Apple.

Steve Jobs (RIP) was not my friend.

This weekend I decided to be a good little droid and update my phone's software. Before beginning said update, I synced and backed up my phone.  I do this because last fall, I tried to update my software and not once, but twice, lost EVERYTHING on my phone. So I've learned my lesson.  I now back up my phone before I start the process.

Unfortunately, it has become apparent that I did not learn my lesson.  And that lesson is...DON'T "FIX" IT IF IT'S NOT BROKEN!!!!

I commanded my itunes to proceed in said update of said (stupid freaking) iPhone...and low and behold...the update wiped my phone clean.  How nice of it.

No contacts.

No apps.

No PICTURES.  This part breaks my heart.  I could care less about contacts and apps.  I'm sure on both accounts, my phone could use some cleaning.  But the photos...2000+ photos...gone.  :)  Because clearly I didn't learn my lesson about HOW to back up my stupid phone properly (NOTE TO BLOG FRIENDS: itunes does NOT automatically backup your camera roll from your phone.  Or at least I've been told numerous times that it doesn't.  You need to do this manually.  Or turn on your iCloud photo storer place. Again, not something I had done.).  *sigh*  My heart is kind of sad right now.  I had a lot of good photos on this phone.

So, we start over.  Again.

Luckily, the rest of the weekend was awesome!  The AdvoCare togetherness time was successful.  Family time was amazing and much needed.  Time with the Old was really good.  It kind of made me miss my old life, ever so slightly.  But...there is a reason why it's my old life and  not my current life.  And the current life, well, it's mine.  And I'm living it the way I want because I own it. And it's really freaking amazing!

Friends, I hope you had awesome weekends!  Make it a great week!



Nikki said...

iPhone fail!

I upload all my pictures from my phone to my computer almost daily for this EXACT reason I would die if I lost my pictures! Like you I could care less about the contacts and what not. Not to mention they are all backed up too though. None the less this totally sucks!

Jenn said...

Ugh. This sucks! I need to update my phone and now I'm SUPER nervous! I'll try to remember to back up before I take that on ;)

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I love my iphone Ang, but i never update or back up or follow any of the directions because of this. your right it blows but you have these images in your memory forever.