Monday, August 13, 2012

Perseid - Star Gazing

Did anyone catch the meteor showers this weekend?

Did anyone know that there was a huge meteor shower this weekend?

Well, I did, and I did.  I'm a huge fan of laying under the stars and counting the shooting ones.  It reminds me of high school.  I grew up in the country.  On warm summer nights (before we could drive), my bff and I would grab a blanket, my portable stereo (not quite a boombox, but you get the idea), and lay out in my backyard watching the stars and listening to Crying, Loving or Leaving (yes, in a previous life I listened to country...don't judge).  We would lay there for hours, spotting the shooting stars, trying to decide if a plane was a plane or a satellite, listening to music, talking about whatever.  It was good times...really great times actually

This weekend, I grabbed a friend and a couple of blankets and pillows, and we headed to a dark corner of our world to watch the stars.  And it was AMAZING!  We didn't see a whole lot of shooting stars (I was expecting several per minute), but the ones that we did see were bright and magnificent.  I'm thankful that my friend said yes to my invitation and joined me in one of my favorite pass times!

This morning, on my way to the gym, I snapped this photo...

This is a blurry crescent moon and Venus, with Jupiter in the top right space.  The moon and planet together were so awesome...awe-inspiring.  I was in a trance.

This is one of the simple pleasures that brings my heart great joy.  What simple pleasures bring your heart and soul great happiness?

Have an awesome day!


Nikki said...

Ummmmm excuse me where the hell was I?!?! I had no freaking idea that there was a meteor shower this weekend! Not to mention I probably wouldn't have been able to see it anyway with all the smog thanks to NYC but hey I would have at least TRIED! None the less awesome picture!

Alissa said...

I tried to! I even downloaded the NASA app on my phone, all set to report what I saw. But it was too damn cloudy. Couldn't even see the stars.

Great picture!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I am a loser I fell asleep but I read some about it and kicked myself for not watching.

Jenn said...

I LOVE the idea of meteor showers, and I did know there was one this weekend, but I always fall asleep before the amazingness really begins. It's sad :)

That photos of the planets?? AMAZING!

Shaylynn... I blahwg It's True. said...

I was texting Alissa as she was attempting to see the meteors.. Soooooooooooooooooooooooo. kinda? I kinda watched them in spirit.