Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just Jaac

Do you remember the show Will and Grace?


Well, this is kind of like that...in a totally not even close sort of way.

It all started with vacation extraordinaire and this guy...

This is Gnomio.  Lisa and her friends have "liberated" him from his rightful home over the last few months and he has been traveling the world.  For real...he's in Germany right now, getting his photo taken with real Germans and stuff.  Anyhoo...

Fast forward...my friend Amy, her momma saw pics of Gnomio and decided that the WolfPack needs its own gnome.  Enter Jaac...

Poolside, of course.

Jaac (pronounced with a French slur accent) is the WolfPack's little buddy.  His name comes from our names...Jamie, Amy, Angie, Claire (yeah, I know...AWESOME!).

Jaac has been trusted to me for the time being.  And we have been partying it UP! Poolside last Sunday was awesome, but his first rodeo was his favorite part of the weekend!

Jaac's first rodeo!

I mean really, what wasn't awesome about the rodeo?  He met Axel Rose...

Yeah, I know, not really...but close!

He got his fill of Crown Royal...

And he got to make out with me!

Yes, I have a thing for gnomes.  They're good kissers.

AND...guess who gets to go to Spain next week!  Yes, me!  But in addition to me, I've invited Jaac to tag along...and he's soooo excited!  Did I mention that we leave in six days?  SIX DAYS!!!!

Friends, what little friends do you have?  I'm curious...am I the only one who makes out with inanimate objects?

Have an awesome day!


Alissa said...

I miss Will & Grace SO MUCH. Actually, I really just miss Jack and Karen.

I have that big banana I like to bring places. It's actually starting to creep me out a bit.

Jenn said...

Aw, he'll make an adorable traveling companion! :)

Stephanie said...

This was awesome. I do not make out with inanimate objects but I love that you do. Have fun in Spain!!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

This is hilarious. I don't have a friend but I have a blankie. But don't tell anyone it would ruin my rep.