Thursday, August 2, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Sushiya: I have been craving good sushi for days and weeks, and I'm so very excited that you will be gracing my mouth this evening.  Happy reunion to us!
Dear Summer: Have I told you lately that I love you?  Because I do...really really a lot.  I love your heat surrounding my body.  I love your sunrays kissing my skin.  I love your incredible sunrises and beautiful sunsets.  I love spending time with friends on patios and in pools and on boats.  I wish that you could stay longer.
Dear Dry August: I have faith that we are going to be successful in this venture.  You, me, alcohol free for 30 days...we've got this!  (Funny fact: On Wednesday, August 1, before noon, three different people asked me how Dry August was going.  Really people?  You all think I have THAT kind of problem?  Holy goodness!)
Dear Body: Yes, you have worked hard this week.  And yes, you did that Revolution class at the gym last night (p.s. crossfit meets circuit training meets hell).  But for real, snap out of it.  You slept like a log last should be wide awake and ready to roll.  So what if you had some chocolate flourless cake (holy yum!) at lunch for the boss's bday...get over yourself.
Dear PDX: I'm going to come see you in a few weeks...have you missed me?  Because I think I'm starting to miss you.  Not so much the driving part, but the being and seeing part.  I'm anticipating a good weekend with you and all that you have to offer.
Dear Bloggy Friends: You, my friends, are AMAZNING!!!   So many thoughtful words.  So many compassionate thoughts.  So much insight.  Thank you!

Friends, I hope you have amazing weekends.  I will be spending time with The Crew and enjoying the sunshine...I hope you do the same!

Have an awesome day!



Nikki said...

Sushi! YUM! I live on sushi in the summer! I can not believe it is freaking August! Where did the summer go? Fall is right around the corner! Crazy!

Heather Marie said...

Your motivating me to go work out! You seem very motivated. Keep it up! I also do love summer.

Shaylynn... I blahwg It's True. said...

Dear Sushiya: I have been craving good sushi for days and weeks.. - I honestly thought you said, Dear Sunshine.. So I was totally confused.

About this Dry August. Not that you have a problem sometimes people can just quit to quit, I just want you to know I totally get it.

Chris said...

That sunset picture is so pretty! Normally I love summer, but it's been ridiculously hot and I'm quite done with being sweaty and sticky! Hope you had a great sushi night! Visiting from Friday's Letters.


Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

That susnset is magical. The greatest thing about sunsets are they are everywhere no matter where you are.