Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fat Arms, Fat Legs

Conversation at the gym this a.m. with one of the older guys that I often chat with:
Him (as I'm putting on my sweatshirt): "You're done?"
Me: "Yep.  Another day down.  We did it!"
Him: "Yep.  It feels good to be here doing this.  A year ago, I wasn't able to do this.  I'm 400+ days out of bone marrow transplant surgery."
Me: "WOW!  AWESOME!  Congratulations!"...and other excited Angie-isms.

This guy is super cool.  I don't know his name, but he's one of the regulars that I share good mornings with.  He's at the gym working out most mornings...and in a way, it's a privilege for him.  Think about it....bone marrow transplant...that means at one point, he was pretty dang sick.  Maybe going to die?  And people of the educated sorts saved his life.  And now he makes a conscious effort to get to the gym.  He has purpose. 

I love this.  I love everything about this.  I love knowing what other people's purposes are for working out, for being fit, for choosing health.  His purpose is his life. 

What is your purpose for being healthy?  Kids?  Family?  Life?  Purpose...find it!

P.S. The post title...just realized that doesn't seem to go with the post, but fret not my goes.  He was mentioning that his left leg is swollen...because they took a lymph node...I kind of jumped and said OH! You see, I have a swollen left arm.  I affectionately refer to it as my fat arm.  I had surgery (almost 13 years ago) that disrupted the lymph nodes in my arm pit, causing the lymph system to slack in its daily duties.  So my arm swells up.  And I think it's huge...and no one else in the world notices it unless I point it out.  I go to physical therapy for it.  It's good fun.

Anyway, fat arms, fat legs.  Makes more sense now, yes?

Happy Friday my sunshines!  Thanks for stopping to see me.  Have amazing weekends!



Anonymous said...

Love this! I need some inspiration for my exercises! :)

My-cliffnotes said...

I need this inspiration!! You are lovely!

lospring said...

Great post.... Thanks!!!