Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend of Amazing Awesomeness

The Crew et al

What an awesome weekend!  I really don't know where to start...just a whole lotta incredibleness!

We stayed at a great house on property at Sleight of Hand Cellars. Keith, the wine maker, and Adam, were so great.  Keith gave us a tour of their newly purchased vines, and Adam entertained us in the tasting room.  Later in the evening, they came to the house for a glass of wine. 

The very first photo above is from Whoopemup Hollow Cafe.  Holy hush puppies of goodness!  Their food was so very tasty.  

I could go on name dropping for days...maybe in tomorrow's post.  Or if you ever make it to Eastern Washington, you could just call me and I could take you to these places.  Yeah, let's do that!

AND I came one step closer to meeting Kelsey @ A Muse in Purple.  Long story sort of short...randomly, our friend's brother brought this girl.  I asked her the story of her life.  She started telling me...and then she said she received her MBA from Marylhurst...I'm pretty sure my eyes popped out of my head! I asked if she knows Kelsey, she does!  YAHOO!  And then the question, "How do you know Kelsey?"  Huh...well...I guess I don't...I just stalk her on the interwebs?  Anyway, photo taken with random new friend and sent to Kelsey.  Hooray for a crazy small world! 

Bottom line, I don't know that a group of 10 people has had as much fun together as we did this weekend.  

Friends, how were you weekends?  I hope they were splendid and you were able to stay cool!

Have an awesome day and week!


Clara Turbay said...

it´s great!

Jenn said...

What a FUN weekend! Staying on a vineyard with a bunch of friends?? Sounds like perfection!

Chandra said...

So glad you enjoyed your time away and to be in a lucky! We went to a tasting last Sunday and I thought how cool it would be to have a wedding or just hang out there for a few days. May be worth lookin in to!