Monday, July 16, 2012

...and then i was bold

the calm before the storm, unfiltered, unadulterated, as is

i stared at you
i looked deep into your eyes
and your soul
and you lied
for the millionth time
you lied.

and then i stood up
i told you no more
i told you you weren't allowed
and that your deceit and your filth was no longer welcome.

and you hated me even more
and you showed your true self
the one that i didn't know before
but learned so well over a 30 day span

the inbetweenness.

and then i was bold
and i again said no more
and i told you to get out
and as usual you didn't respect
and you pursued
and you pushed your own agenda

and in my weakest moment
when i couldn't handle you any longer
when i couldn't handle any of it any more
i persevered
i was bold
and i was strong
and you no longer existed.

my one and only lightning shot ever capture (thus far). taken with my iphone,
not my camera.

love you, friends
for real
so much

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bigT said...

I love you Ang. Lots and lots...big hugs friend.