Monday, June 11, 2012

Getting Dirty

FOUR MORE DAYS!  The Dirty Dash is this Saturday...and I'm EXCITED!

OK, OK...truth be told.  I'm a bit nervous.  I've had a few friends do other mud runs over the past few weeks and they've said that the races are pretty intense.  So, at this point in the game, I'm choosing not to listen to them and just focus on the fact that it's a 4.5 mile course (gulp!) with a bunch of obstacles (yikes!) that includes beer chugging (now we're talking...for those who like beer. Blech.).

It's going to be AWESOME!

I've encouraged my teammates to each bring a waterproof disposable camera (because I'm not willing to sacrifice my iPhone to the mud gods) so that we can take lots of "during the craziness" shots.

In the meantime, I'm sticking to the lifting routine at the gym this week, but my cardio schedule is already out of whack.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

OH!  And I bought my very first CamelBak today!  I'm super excited about this too. For our weekly Badger Mt. hike, I've been carrying water in a bag that is not conducive to running the back side of the mountain; it flops around and rubs in places that it shouldn't.  Now I can store stuff and drink to my hearts content and get to the bottom without raw skin in my armpits!  Win-Win for sure!

Isn't she pretty?

Friends, what sort of fun activities do you have going on these days?  HOORAY for summer!!

Have an awesome day!


Jenn said...

Dirty dash's look so fun! You're gonna have a blast -- and good thinking about the disposable cameras. I totally want to see pics! :)

Kara said...

How very rock star of you! I've wanted to do a Tough Mudder for awhile, but I keep wussing out. I know it's all about getting out there, having fun, and completing the course, but I hate looking uncoordinated or weak in front of other people. I think I need to be like you and just ignore the fears and GO FOR IT! Can't wait to hear how your Dirty Dash goes! Maybe it'll inspire me to look up the next run up here in Alaska!