Thursday, June 14, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear car: You rolled 150,000 miles this week, and you're still kicking ass and taking names!  Great work!  We've had a minor glitch with the mass air flow sensor (yeah, I know I sound all cool talking car stuff), but we'll get you fixed up and give you new belts and you'll be good for least 50k, OK?  Please and thank you, because this momma can't afford a new car right now.
Dear Dirty Dash: Prepare to be owned.  By me.  I will own you.  I will show you who's boss of the mud.  Yeah, it's going to happen. Just. Like. That.
Dear Spain: I can't believe that I will be seeing you in two and a half months.  TWO AND A HALF MONTHS!!!!  Holy goodness...this is so very unbelievably AWESOME! 
Dear Self: Remember what you're doing with your life right now.  Stay focused on a happy and healthy you!  You've done amazing work over the last few months...keep it up!!
Dear Glass of Wine: 10 day cleanse ends today...I'm coming for you. Watch out.
Dear Weekend: What took you so long?  The week started out quick, but it seems like you haven't been here in about three months?  Oh well, you're here now and you're going to be awesome!  There will be a lot of hanging out with a lot of different groups of people and I'm super excited to welcome you into my arms!

Have amazing weekends friends!



Valerie said...

Ha ha, that picture is hilarious. I just love that!!

Good luck on your race. I hope you're going to take lots of pictures!!!!

Jenn said...

Oh, I so agree with that graphic! That is the WORST!

And, have FUN at the dirty dash! You're gonna rock it, obviously :)

christine donee said...

A picture never spoke truer words...

lospring said...

150K WOW! You must be taking care of your car.

Spain??? Are you ready??? Itinerary ready? Site seeing??? Wine tasting??? Historic sites??? I know you will have fun.

love ya,