Thursday, June 28, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Diesl Schmiesl: Mommy loves you so very much.  Thank you for being my very bestest boy ever!
Dear Brian Odell: I am so so so so so sososososososo excited that you're coming to Tri Cities this weekend to play your music!  I've told all of my friends about you and they're all going to be there and we want to dance and drink Irish Car Bombs (OK, I don't, but I've told them "the rules") and listen to you and love on enjoy what you'll be giving us!  YEA!!!
Dear Sound Brewery Dubbel Entendre: Claire is kind of're not the most disgusting beer I've ever tasted.  In fact, not a single bitter beer face thus far.  And you're going well with my sugar cookie.  Good work!

Dear Summer: You're here, you're not here, then you're back.  Make up your stinking mind and STAY!  Please and thank you.
Dear Plane Tickets to Dallas: You were super expensive...way more than I wanted to pay.  But I'm counting on the FACT that you'll be worth it...because I BELIEVE that the training I will receive at the conference is going to be amazing!
Dear Storm that may or may not be blowing in: Bring on the thunder and lightning!  Love that stuff!
Dear Annoying Neighbor Lady Who Leaves her Dog Unattended: I am an animal lover through and through.  I understand that you are not home for extended periods of time during the day, and I can appreciate the fact that you leave your dog outside so it can use the facilities.  However, it's yappy and whines and barks the ENTIRE time you are away.  If you cannot properly care for your animal, please find it a loving home that will!
Dear Blog Reader Friends: Thank you thank you THANK YOU for coming to my little corner of the universe.  I appreciate you all so very much, and I love the comments that you leave.  Each and every one of you fills my heart every. single. day.


Have an awesome day and weekend!

Grab Me!!

Do you see that?  Over your right.  No, a little further...Yep, there you go...IT'S ME!!  I have a button!!

The amazing and fabulous and hilarious Alissa over at graceless lady hooked a girl up with this cool new little toy...and I'm so excited!  I'm pretty sure this makes me one of the cool kids now.  Yes, yes it does.

I'm having technical difficulties with the html at this time, but soon, the code will be there so that you can officially grab me.  Trust's totally worth it! 

Thank you, Alissa, for working your magic!  You freaking ROCK!


Have an awesome day!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just a Smile

Via pinterest and some other blocked/spam site.  Yikes.

So, little known fact about me...I used to be super shy.  In high school, I wasn't a nerd, but I wasn't as outgoing as I am now.  And if you really watch me...yeah, I might talk to strangers sometimes, but I still stick close to people I know. 

For example, I went to an event last Wednesday called Young Professionals Tri Cities..a bunch of young-ish business type gathering at a local winery to learn about each other's businesses and maybe make some new business connections.  I should have been up meeting people, but I stuck close to home, close to the people I already know.  Getting out of the comfort zone...that's a struggle for me, for sure. 

A friend and I were chatting today, and she commented that she "wants to be more like me," as far as talking to strangers, being comfortable in telling a random person that she likes her outfit, etc.  As far as telling someone that I like what she's wearing, I make a point of doing this because I know how awesome I feel when some random person says something like that to me, and I want others to feel that way.  It's a new thing that I've started doing...the littlest things like that can change a person's day, ya know?  One pinterest quote I at everyone you pass because you never know, that smile may make that person's day.  Something like that.  But that's what I try and least smile at everyone because maybe that tiny little gesture will help a person in a way that I can't even imagine!!  :)

So yeah, if you want to work on coming out of  your shell, start small...just a smile.  It doesn't need to be big and toothy, but it does need to be sincere.  When you get to the gym, tell people good evening/good morning.  When you leave somewhere, tell the last person you see to have a great day!  Baby steps that will help you be more comfortable with your words and will make other people smile!

Have an awesome day!

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Real Things

Via Pinterest through here somewhere...

My facebook status/thought for the day was, "I choose to be patient with people and treat them with honor and love. I choose this for all people around me, including myself, regardless of their past or my past."

And then I ran across the words above while stalking perusing Pinterest. And the part that stood out the most..."be happy with simple pleasures..."

And it all makes me think...why do we make things so difficult?  Why do we doubt ourselves so much?  Why do we allow the anxiety to take us over?

I made a promise to myself this past week...a bad habit that I'm going to break.  At first it was to not drink more than one glass of wine on any given night.  My friend called me out and told me that's ridiculous and impossible, and well, just plain foolish because really, wine is good for your heart, so two glasses must be better than one. and i digress...

Instead, my bad habit to break...stop speaking negatively to myself.  Stop letting self doubt fill my mind.  Stop allowing complacency to fill my thoughts.  I have dreams.  I have hopes and aspiration.  And only I have the power to see these things to fruition!

Friends, what bad habit will you commit to giving up this week?  MAKE IT SO!

Have an awesome day!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pure Exhaustion

First, happy birthday to my momma!  I love you so very much!  Even though you did decided to escape to Hawaii rather than have breakfast with your daughters.  But it's really, it's all good.  :)  
LOVE YOU! oh my...I'm wiped out, pooped, body wants to give out.  Most likely a combination of pushing the body for the Dirty Dash, and then having an insanely busy week last week, staying up way past my bedtime every night, and following it up with a whirlwind 18-hour trip to Portland, but this girl is done.  My voice is gone again (blessing in disguise?) and I slept in and napped, and would still love another three hours of napping, plus going to bed at 8 p.m.  But enough about that...

The quick trip to PDX was great!  I was able to spend more time with my dad before he headed back to Phoenix today, with my sister, nephew and niece in tow.  It was good togetherness time, complete with breakfast at Blue Pig Cafe Saturday morning, and Trader Joe's shopping (I lovelovelove Trader Joe's!).  

Today has been a much needed day of uneventfulness.  I skipped hiking this morning (see above whining about exhaustion), cleaned the bathroom, did laundry, went to the last inning of a baseball game and soaked up some's been a wonderfully relaxing day.  And I am very thankful for it!  

So please enjoy the following little snippets from my weekend.  

The thoughtful thinker
My Seezder
Hawthorne Scramble goodness in my belly

The drive home was so much sunnier than the drive down!
Columbia River, crossing back into Washington

Friends, I hope you all had fantabulous weekends!  I can't believe we're into the last week of June the heck did that happen?!

Have an awesome day!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Summer Solstice:  Thank you for providing a glorious sunrise, and a beautiful sunset.  I appreciate your long hours of sunny warmth and happiness!
Dear Mom: How am I supposed to surprise you for your birthday if you're going out of town?  Not OK, just not OK.
Dear Dad: I'm sad that you're going back to Phoenix on Sunday, but I'm happy that I was able to spend some quality time with you on this trip.  I'm pretty sure that hasn't happened in a million years.  You ROCK!
Dear Dirty Dash: Not sure if I've mentioned it enough times, but holy were so much fun!!!!!! I can't wait until next year.  And the one here in town in September.  I'm addicted.  FACT!
Dear Summer: I love you.  That is all.
Dear Roommate: Deep breaths.  Calm thoughts.  Don't over analyze.  Don't run.  She needs your support.
Dear Self: See notes to roommate above...deep breaths, calm thoughts, don't over analyze, don't run.  You've got this!

Friends, I hope you have spectacular weekends!  I'm making a quick trip to Portland to say bye to dad, then back home for good times with The Crew!  Be safe and have fun!

Have an awesome day!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Solistice and Sweetness

Most of last night didn't go the way I wanted it to.

I was able to do "Angie Center Yourself" time while watching the Summer Solstice sunset, but I was unable to write about it or post photos.

So, in the meantime, I bring you sweetness from Hannah Hart.  No, really, this is sweet.  Makes my heart smile.  :)

Summer Solstice photos and Friday's Letters tomorrow...pinky swear promise!!

Have an awesome day!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yes Please, May I Have Another?

Absolutely fabulous day, that is? What were you thinking?  Perv.

Today was an amazing day!!  Bright sunshiny skies...

You know that "financial opportunity" I talked about here?  Welllllll....tonight was the start of a beautiful relationship with said opportunity!  I'm feeling so very good about jumping into this.  It's something that I believe in, that is working for me personally, and that I'm choosing to make work for me financially!  Have you heard of AdvoCare?  Seriously...learn it, love it, live it!  

Today I am so thankful for those who are in my life and who support me in various ways.  I couldn't do this, any of this, without you!  THANK YOU!

Friends, what has you excited these days?  Tell me your story, Morning Glory!

Have an awesome day!

Random Facts

When I was 20 years old, I was told that I have cataracts.  Yes, my eyeballs are jacked up.  Astigmatism and cataracts, oh my.  And I'm DEATHLY afraid of the eye doctor.  Makes for good (non-hysterical) visits to the doc when we talk about eye ball surgery.  Seriously...I can't even go into details here...I'm hyperventilating already.

My dumb eyeball

About 7 years ago, my left arm started getting fat.  For forearm was hugely swollen and had pain in it.  I would squeeze it/massage it to make it feel better and an imprint of my thumb would be left behind (think about pressing a ripe piece of fruit too hard and the indent it leaves...that was my arm).  After visiting a few doctors, I finally found a physical therapist who knew what was going on and how to fix it.  I have lymph nodes don't want to work right in my left arm because I had surgery almost 13 years ago that disrupted their business. Weird that they worked for the first six years, but whatever.  Anyhoo, the PT girl taught me how to massage it and make the swelling far less than it used to be, but truth be told, even though you would never notice it, I'm hugely self conscious about it and I sometimes want to chop my arm off and get a new one.

And while I'm at self mutilation, I'll take new eyeballs that see correctly too.  Thank you.

I'm deathly afraid of snakes.  I think I've mentioned this before.  I freak the heck in a ridiculous-laughing-at-you-because-you-look-like-an-idiot type of scared.  It's even annoying to me.  Sorry.

I am a HUGE creature of habit.  And routine.  To the point that I know that I would be the perfect person to stalk (and I'm announcing this to the world. awesome).  I'm most comfortable when I'm doing things in order and on time.  Hence my stalker-ificness. I won't give details, and it's changed up a little since I stopped drinking coffee, but yeah...if I turn up missing, you can literally figure out the second that I went MIA.

I ran tonight for the first time since Dirty Dash.  Granted it was only two days, but it was time, and I was scared.  But for real...GREAT RUN!  I'm so very proud of my body!  I'm tired, and keep finding new bruises, but holy heck...this hunk of meat that I own does GREAT WORK!

And I love grain silos...but not as much as hot air balloons.  :)

Prosser, WA Hot Air Balloon AWESOME!
Friends, I hope you're having incredible weeks!  I love you all so very much..thanks for stopping by!

Have an awesome day!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dirty Dashing

Holy weekend of AWESOME!  Friends, the Dirty Dash was INCREDIBLE!!  So very dirty and so very much fun!  We had an incredible team and we had so very much fun together!

Friday night, we did some "team building."  Definition of team building: best sushi I've had in a million years, complete with sake bombs, a litte local bar-ness, some get-your-groove-on dancing, followed by a cool little martini bar complete with awesome bartender!  Saturday morning, we were rising and shining at 7 a.m. to hold a dance party in our hotel room while preparing to Dirty Dash!

The course was 4.5 miles and included hay bales to climb, several mud ponds to wade through, cargo nets to was so very much fun!  I have disposable camera pics that will be coming later, but for now, our friend Jen of HJK Photography, took the following photos.  Thanks Jen!!  These are amazing!  Check out her website to see all of the awesomeness!

Yes, there is for sure mud on my tongue.  Gross.

Did I mention out loud that I can't wait for next year?  And that there is another one locally at the end of September?  And that it was awesome and I highly recommend it? was that good.

Have an awesome day!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear car: You rolled 150,000 miles this week, and you're still kicking ass and taking names!  Great work!  We've had a minor glitch with the mass air flow sensor (yeah, I know I sound all cool talking car stuff), but we'll get you fixed up and give you new belts and you'll be good for least 50k, OK?  Please and thank you, because this momma can't afford a new car right now.
Dear Dirty Dash: Prepare to be owned.  By me.  I will own you.  I will show you who's boss of the mud.  Yeah, it's going to happen. Just. Like. That.
Dear Spain: I can't believe that I will be seeing you in two and a half months.  TWO AND A HALF MONTHS!!!!  Holy goodness...this is so very unbelievably AWESOME! 
Dear Self: Remember what you're doing with your life right now.  Stay focused on a happy and healthy you!  You've done amazing work over the last few months...keep it up!!
Dear Glass of Wine: 10 day cleanse ends today...I'm coming for you. Watch out.
Dear Weekend: What took you so long?  The week started out quick, but it seems like you haven't been here in about three months?  Oh well, you're here now and you're going to be awesome!  There will be a lot of hanging out with a lot of different groups of people and I'm super excited to welcome you into my arms!

Have amazing weekends friends!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Death and Dying

WARNING: This one isn't light hearted.


I've been in Tri Cities for about two and a half years now.  Something that I noticed this spring, and was again brought to my attention life has been touched by quite a bit of illness and death since I moved here.  Not touched directly (thank you God), but indirectly.  Maybe it's because I'm getting older.  Maybe it's because this sort of thing is clearly a natural progression in life. But the tragedy of these specific illnesses and deaths is sometimes overwhelming.

My friend's momma passed away from cancer earlier this spring.  She was one of three people in my life that has been abused by cancer in the last eight months.

Two coworkers have suddenly and unexpectedly lost their parents...young parents, young coworkers.

My roommate's girlfriend's daughter died yesterday in a completely random, tragic accident.  She was run over by her own car.  She was 22 years old, studying to be a radiologist, had her whole life ahead of her.

And this causes me to stop, think, love, appreciate.

Life is short, and this is the only one you get.  It's imperative that we make every single day count.  When you feel the irritation/anger/dislike/less than happiness come on, ask yourself, what if this is it?  Is this the way I want it to end?

Think about it.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

things i love...

This week flying by!  Hello hump day!

These girls.  AMAZING voices on these kiddos!

A salad loaded with all sorts of goodness..

Amazing sunsets.  Next Wednesday is Summer Solstice.  I have a thing about taking photos of the sunset on that night.  Can.  Not.  Wait!

My incredible adopted family.  I am so very fortunate to have each and every one of these people in my life! 

I wanted to add a photo of them, but it's taken me 10 years to write these four sentences and post two pics because my computer is a piece of shyte.  

So friends, I will leave you with the fact that I am in love with this life.  It's had a lot of ups and downs, but I'm using each and every one of them as a learning experience.  

What are you in love with these days? 

Have an awesome day!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Getting Dirty

FOUR MORE DAYS!  The Dirty Dash is this Saturday...and I'm EXCITED!

OK, OK...truth be told.  I'm a bit nervous.  I've had a few friends do other mud runs over the past few weeks and they've said that the races are pretty intense.  So, at this point in the game, I'm choosing not to listen to them and just focus on the fact that it's a 4.5 mile course (gulp!) with a bunch of obstacles (yikes!) that includes beer chugging (now we're talking...for those who like beer. Blech.).

It's going to be AWESOME!

I've encouraged my teammates to each bring a waterproof disposable camera (because I'm not willing to sacrifice my iPhone to the mud gods) so that we can take lots of "during the craziness" shots.

In the meantime, I'm sticking to the lifting routine at the gym this week, but my cardio schedule is already out of whack.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

OH!  And I bought my very first CamelBak today!  I'm super excited about this too. For our weekly Badger Mt. hike, I've been carrying water in a bag that is not conducive to running the back side of the mountain; it flops around and rubs in places that it shouldn't.  Now I can store stuff and drink to my hearts content and get to the bottom without raw skin in my armpits!  Win-Win for sure!

Isn't she pretty?

Friends, what sort of fun activities do you have going on these days?  HOORAY for summer!!

Have an awesome day!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend In Review

Hello friends!  I hope you had fabulous weekends!  Mine was pretty low key, but I've decided that's a good thing, because next weekend, well...I'm participating in the Dirty Dash, a  mud run occurring about two hours north of here.  It's going to be so much fun and I'm so excited!!  We've got an awesome team, and I'm ready to get dirty!  

In the meantime, this weekend consisted of...

What does it mean?!??!

Horribly crappy weather to start.  But a double rainbow!  And as noted in the first photo, a gorgeous sunshiny day today!  

Shuffle Board and Oatmeal...

A possible UFO sighting?  Not really...but maybe?

And a couple of photos from Thailand (the husband of ex is on vacation)...

I hope you all had amazing weekends!  What did you do?

It's going to be a busy week friends...let's do this!!

Have an awesome day!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Weather: What.The.Effffff. It's June. We live on the sunny side of the state. This rain is CLEARLY westside-ish.  PORTLAND, TAKE IT BACK!!   
Dear Cherries: You are scrumptious little morsels in my mouth.  I always forget how much I love you, and for that, I apologize.   
Dear Herbal Cleanse: I want sugar. And a glass of wine. And an M&M cookie (or three).  Who does this kind of crap to themselves when they're PMSing?  Oh, that's right, THIS GIRL!  Dumb.  But hey, I know you're going to make my innards feel sooo much better (thank you in advance!), so I'll refrain from screwing it up.  
Dear Diesl and Monkey: I love you so very much, you crazy, hairy little bastards.   
Dear Self: It's time to buckle down and focus on what's important. Opportunities are in front of you that will help you meet, and likely exceed, your goals.  Don't let distractions get in your way and make you lose sight of what you've been working towards.  You've come a long way in a short amount of time...STAY FOCUSED!   
Dear Each Day In This Life Readers: Have I told you today how much I appreciate you?  Because I do...I really honestly deeply appreciate you!

Have amazing weekends friends!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Let's set the stage for today: Me, alone (ok, not really that part), broke, stressing over cash flow, and getting bills paid, and an upcoming trip to Spain that I don't necessarily have the money for, or enough vacation time to cover.  I've been presented with an opportunity to make some money on the side, and I want to take it, but quite honestly, I'm afraid.  I'm afraid to take the risk, jump into the unknown...and I'm afraid of failing.

The Darkness of the Day

All of these things are stressing me out and I can feel the anxiety rising again. That feeling of panic and uncertainty and fear.  It's rising and my shoulders are tightening and my guts are hurting.

This anxiety makes me question who I am, and when exactly I let these "little things" begin stressing me out so very much.  I was always the one who said, "why stress about it?  It is what it is and it always works out."

But today, it has felt like a deep well of angst that I'm free falling into...and I find myself engulfed in anxiety.

And then I had an excellent conversation with a great friend.  He was able to put all of this...stuff...these questions and doubts and fears into perspective.  Besides giving me some straightforward business advice, he reminded me that I have a lot to offer anything that I pursue, and that I'm my own worst enemy.  He told me to do myself a favor and step out of my own way.  I'm the only one holding me back, and that's not a valid excuse to NOT take the plunge!

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

So friends, I'm doing it.  I'm taking the opportunity.  I'm going to spend a little to earn a lot.  And I will be successful because I WANT TO BE AND I WILL BE!

What's holding you back?  Do you have a goal that you want to achieve, but have been missing it by inches?  Do you have thoughts and hopes and dreams, but haven't taken the plunge?  What's stopping you?  Because if it's just you holding yourself back, I'm right there with you, and this is where we STOP letting that be an excuse!  :)

Have an awesome day!

Tuesday Fun Day!

Because I scorched to nothingness bbq'd chicken over the Memorial holiday...

And clearly I need to get my grilling advice from somewhere else.


Have an awesome day!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Sunday!

My oh  my, it was a great weekend!  Dad came to visit, and it was AWESOME!

I took him on his first wine tasting tour and he loved it.  Eastern Washington has some incredible wines and I was happy to regurgitate what I've heard other say teach him a few things about wine.  We visited TapteilHigh TowerHedgesFidelitas, and DavenLore.  We tasted some amazing wines, and had a great visit while driving through the countryside.

And then we went to dinner...holy goodness!  Dad had a bison strip steak and I had lamb stew...

Lamb Stew at Veritas

After dinner, The Crew joined us for dessert (fudgy yummy brownie with chambord ice cream, and chocolate wasted, which is a boozy incredible deliciousness ice cream).  We sat there for a couple of hours chatting, laughing, enjoying our time together.  My dad realized why it is that I call The Crew my family...I have been blessed with an incredible group of people in my life!

This morning, dad and I had a relaxing morning...went to breakfast, and then he packed up to head back to P-town.  It was an amazing weekend that I will never ever forget!

Dad and I have had our less than awesome moments over the past 20+ years since my parents divorced.  But the thing is, he's an incredible man.  He is so very caring and compassionate and loving and I am so very proud to call him my poppy.  I love you, Dad!  :)

Friends, I hope you had incredible weekends!  Thank you for checking in and for being AMAZING!

Have an awesome day!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday's Letter

Dear This Week: You have been absolutely amazing. I am thankful for all that you've shared with me, and the people that are in my life.  Dear Three Day Weekend: I won't kicked my ass.  Let's try and slow it down a bit this weekend, K?  Dear Dad: I'm so flippin' excited that you're coming to see me this weekend.  Like jumping up and down on my insides excited!  We're going to taste grapes, and have a scrumptious dinner, and go to my fave dive bar (since you introduced me to yours) and you can meet my "other family" and see my life and it's going to be AWESOME!!  So rest up while you can!  :)     Dear Weather: Today is June 1. Earlier predictions said 90 degrees. I'm holding you to it, because yesterday was cold and the rain that came out of nowhere was a real downer. I WANT HEAT.  Please and thank you.   Dear Sprinklers: What. The. Hell.  The valves are good.  The filter is clean.  The sprinkler heads are pointed in the right direction.  Why are you not watering my grass?  OHHHH!  That's what we're missing...WATER.  Thank you, dear irrigation district, for having unreliable service and promoting death of my grass.  I really appreciate it. No, really. Who likes green grass anyway?  Dear Body: Thank you for putting up with my abuse.  I ask you to run, and you do it.  I ask you to lift, and you do it.  I put you through a lot, and I really truly appreciate your willingness to keep moving!  Dear Friends: Have super great weekends!  Love you!