Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Soooo...I've got nothing.  I mean, I have nothing of pure value to add to your day.  I know, I will you EVER go on?!  Friends, it's OK...your Thursdays will continue to move forward without my words of wisdom.

But, to replace the wisdom, I have weird random photos for you today.  Please contain your overjoyment (red lined = not a real word) and ecstaticly excited excitedness (have we met? Yes, I make up words).  

Yes, my hair looks like crap.  I hate air conditioning, so I roll down the windows.
And no, I'm not driving naked.

I took this for my friend, Brian Odell, because he's Audi-obsessed.
And because we don't see such fancy cars in the Tri Cities very often.  LOL!

Pan roasted chicken with rosemary red wine sauce, served over quinoa.
It's what was for dinner.  Be jealous.

That's it loves!  Happy freaking Thursday! 

Have an awesome day!


Joy said...

I love made up words. And I love Audi R8s. So you did add to my day....thank you:)

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

So glad we cleared up the naked part. I had nothing on monday and it was sorta nice but then I was itching to spread the gospel of BS the rest of the week.