Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Work Out

At the gym, I tend to be a wolf pack of one.  I like to get in, sweat it out, and move on with my day.  I chat a little with my regular people that I see every morning, but I'm on a schedule, and I stick to it.

As I mentioned yesterday, I've taken on a student.  A new friend asked if she could start lifting with me in the mornings because she needs the accountability and wants to add strength training to her work outs.  So now I have a workout buddy...and it's working out beautifully!  I'm still fairly close to on schedule each morning (because I'm a crazy routine-oriented a fault sometimes), and I get to teach someone about what I'm doing.  That last part motivates me to do more and do better and really focus on every move that I make.  So far, win-win! 

So, my question to you, my dear lovies...what can I do to help you?  Whatever it may be, how can I bring more sunshine to your day? 

Will sharing pics of The Boy and Monk help?  Yeah, I thought so!  :)

Don't worry, he's not dead. Just hot.  :)

I just LOVE HIM!!! 

Random signs of summer

Have awesome days friends!!

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Marion said...

Catching up on my Angie many great instagram pics (Desiel is so handsome!) :)
And I used to be a loan wolf in the gym until I joined a group with our trainer. Much more fun that way...but there are times when I want to get back to my own thing.

So just had to add...I adored your "I am not single" post. I love you very much and am so proud of who you are and where you are headed. Big hug from Denver friend!
XO - Marion