Tuesday, May 1, 2012


"The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers the fear."  -Nelson Mandela

I have a slight fear of heights.  I'm not sure exactly when it developed, because when I was younger, I could climb trees like no one else.  And I loved it.  My neighbor had a cherry tree (or maybe a walnut tree?) and we'd spend all afternoon high up in the branches.  It was perfect.

And then at some point, I became afraid.

Afraid of what could happen.

Afraid of the unknown.

Afraid of getting hurt.

The brave little girl who loved to climb to the top of the branches and swing high into the sky now wants to stay close to the ground, close the stability of the ever-spinning Earth.

Every single week at the gym, I do squats on a BOSU ball...you know, that half ball/half platform object.  I was scared to death of getting up on that thing.  But after my first, well, OK, maybe third attempt, I was like, huh, not so bad, not so difficult.  Each week, I still put a foot on the ball and then take a step back and start over...something creeps into my mind saying "you're going to fall," 'you're going to trip," whatever the voice is, it's still there every single week.  And I quickly wipe it out, remove it, and jump up on the BOSU, showing it who's boss!

Fear can be our #1 destroyer.  It sets a mental course for not trying new things, not meeting new people, not living to our full potential.  Each day, I struggle to get past the fear, to talk myself into doing this or that...or OUT OF doing this or that.  And I am proud to say that these days, with most things, I can beat down my fear and show it who's in control of this life!  And what an AMAZING feeling that is...to be in control of my life! 

Friends, what fears hold you back from living up to your full potential?  And how do go about conquering them?

Have an awesome day!


Jenn said...

It's crazy -- sometimes I don't even notice fear until after I'm through something. Like, I work through an issue and then realize that it was actually fear holding me back. Working on that! :)

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I don't like to fly at all, but I figured out that in order to see some of this wonderful world I had to get over it. So I asked the doctor for valium and I pass out and don't get to see shit. It's the best!