Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend In Review

Friday: went to happy hour, home by 6:30, asleep on the couch by 8:00, awake a few minutes later (30 mins?), in bed at 10:30.  It was an exciting night (did I mention I was losing the battle to cold #2 in three weeks?).  HUGE PARTY at my house.  Not.

Saturday: much better day!  After 10+ hours of sleep, I was ready to go.  Had a great run, did a little shopping, ate a little sushi, sat at a restaurant patio and enjoyed the glorious day (such a beautiful day to spend with friends!), then out with friends again for the evening.  It was a wonderful, WARM, full of love sort of day!

Sunday: I went to church. Yeah, me.  (in my sister's words...YOU went to church?!?!? Thanks, Handle.)  Umm, it's Easter.  Duh.  And I've been contemplating finding a church home.  Like, the far reaches of my brain, somewhere in the very back.  No, this isn't going to turn into a worship blog.  BUT, I do want to share why I chose this specific church...because it makes me laugh.

From their website...
#1 reason:  "We do have a dress code, but it’s fairly simple: please wear something."  OK, I can do that.
#2 reason: "What to expect on a Sunday: 
-There is a live band that will lead us in 3 songs (you can either sing along or just listen to the music)
-Someone will pray and say "hi"
-A pastor will give a message that is relevant to your life and the whole thing will be over in about 70 minutes."  OK...I like the honesty.
#3 reason: For each first time visitor, they donate $5 to an organization that gets fresh water to people in Africa.  I just helped make that happen.  This I'm a HUGE fan of!

So yeah...good service, preceded by a clip from Modern Family about women "cycling" together (have you watched this show?  I don't watch much tv, but have seen a couple episodes and its HILARIOUS!).  Overall, my kind of church...honest up front, humor throughout, and nice people who like to say hi all the time.  It was goodness for my soul.

Blooming grape vines

View from half way

And then...hiked Badger Mountain with the Diesl Boy, lots of yard work, cleaned the car, oh, and in the middle of writing this post, I was given the opportunity to add "kitchen sink plumbing problem" to the list of "yeah, I got this."  Good.  Fun.  Stuff.

He's so CUTE!

Friends, how were your Easter weekends?  I hope they were splendid! Happy new week to you!

Have an awesome day!


Jenn said...

HAHAHA! I love a church with a sense of humor -- that website would get me there too :).

And, Diesl is so stinking cute! Oh, and that photo of the grapes?? AMAZING!

Have a great day friend!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Girl you party like I do. YOu have a few totties and then time for night night. That's usually my M.O. And I am gonna love you bunches cause you have a yellow lab. I have two worthless yellow labs I call guard dogs. They guard nothing! So happy to be following along. Thanks for stopping by!

Big hugs,

krissy jane said...

Friday nights look like that pretty often around here. Not going to lie. And your Saturday sounds utterly phenomenal! Glad you had such a stellar weekend!

lospring said...

Ah... Easter weekend. I am just slowing down. Saturday night church... It was weird speaking of 'Christ is risen' on Saturday night. But... seriously there had to be a Saturday for Christ as he were hold up in the grave.
Sunday was awesome. Church and then helped in kitchen, talked with a new person, helped in kitchen more, talked with friends and home for a nap. YES! Then out to the kids... you know the new ranchers with 2 pigs, 1 sheep (5 wks) and 1 goat (3 wks) and more coming. It was great watching the children hid the eggs more than once. ;-) Then a great, absolutely fantastic dinner with friends and family.