Sunday, April 22, 2012


It's 7:45 p.m.


And I'm reflecting.

Reflecting on the fact that I have been blessed my entire life with incredible neighbors.  Like, Pleasantville type folks.  And I'm eternally grateful.  Craig came over to ask me why his backyard was flooded (ummm....maybe because last weekend while I was mowing, I ran over a sprinkler head and it immediately was chopped in half and I haven't fixed it yet?). And from there he proceeded to rethread my weed eater (I was out of string) and fix the broken sprinkler head.  Over an hour later...I owe the guy some Crown Royal for sure!

Reflecting on the awesomeness that is my other neighbor, Jennifer.  She totally rocks.  And her son...cutest little four year old.  Calling for my cat, Monkey, while making ooo aaahhahaa sounds!  So. Flipping CUTE!

Reflecting on how much I enjoy meeting new people and having an instant connection.  

Reflecting on how amazing it is to have that instant connection with an old friend.

Reflecting on the beautiful weather we had this weekend.

Reflecting on my matter how small, I'm one lucky girl!

And in the end, looking forward to the goodness that lies ahead. 

I hope you all had incredible weekends!

Have an awesome day!

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