Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Put A Bag On It

Yeah, I'm talking about over my head, because apparently that's how I looked today.  "Angie, how are you tooooodaaayyy....oh, not good" as I turned around to the kind soul asking how I was and they saw my face, which apparently looked like hell.  At least five people..."oh, you're not OK."  LAME!

The day started out well...had a great squats/lunges session at the gym, looked fab (or I thought I did) in my fave orange shirt and shiny gloss, a Secret Someone bought me coffee for Admin Day.  It was going well.

Then I got to work.

And all hell broke loose.

And then I went to brain therapy, which was so very emotionally draining today.

And then I had to go back to work.

Needless to say, I apparently looked like a hot mess.

And the more I tried to play it off, the more people looked at me and asked the dreaded question..."WHAT is WRONG with you?!" 

So I came home.  And made a margarita.  And sat on the patio.  And threw the ball for The Boy for about an hour.

Then I decided I should do some sort of cardio.  So I took Diesl for a walk...that turned into a the OUT OF DOORS!!  Now, those who know me know my general dislike for running outdoors from posts here and here.  I am NOT a fan, but I manage...occasionally.

But tonight...holy moly!  A run outside was EXACTLY what I needed!!!!  I feel so very invigorated (I hope I can sleep!) and clear in the head (because I was EXTREMELY foggy all day today).  And I don't know why I EVER doubt how AMAZING a run is for every part of my body...heart, mind and soul!

Friends, I challenge you: when you're sitting there contemplating it all, thinking that sitting on the couch, having another margarita, or doing nothing but wallowing will make you feel better, GET UP AND MOVE!  I promise you, you heart, body and soul will thank you for it!

Have an awesome day!

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His Little Lady said...

i'm definitely so with you. whenever i'm upset, going for a run with headphones in, just you and the music, everything gets better. hope you are feeling better, girl :)
xo TJ