Monday, April 2, 2012

Production At It's Finest

You know those weekends where you say, "Self, this weekend you're going to do x,y, AND z," but then Sunday night rolls around and maybe x was completed?  Yeah, welcome to my life.  I've had a series of incredible weekends with friends lately, and I am very thankful for those weekend, but things have been neglected.

My house...

My yard...


This weekend though...goodness graciousness!  I wrote a couple of lists (as I usually do), and actually marked most of the items off of said lists!  Yahoo!!!  

The house was cleaned top to bottom, side to side, the yard was mowed, I went to Costco and renewed my membership (nothing like spending $75 on chicken), and numerous other little things.  It has been a very rewarding weekend.  

And this little guy decided to make my fence and yard his Saturday home...

And it was sunny and beautiful today, compared to lots of rain yesterday, which I didn't really seem to mind.  Over all, just another great weekend!

I hope you all had splendid weekends as well!  What did you do that was fun and exciting?

Have an awesome day!

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lospring said...

Posted at 1 am... You are not sleeping either?? Well, past weekend was in preparation for Easter weekend. Brandon and Melisa now have a little farm. Pigs, that two weeks ago were piggies, sheep just slightly bigger than Amber, Melisa's dog, and a goat that is only two weeks old and both sheep and goat will need to be bottle fed. Of course, Rhiannon is way eager to feed them with the bottle, but this will stop when it becomes a chore. They are ready to build a chicken pen, but will have to have something keep away the cougars and other animals that will get the sheep and goat if it can.
LifeGroup tonight, Dinner??? chicken Alfredo, I think. Over noodles. Have to put my crafts away only to pull them out after LifeGroup leaves. ;-) OH... for a bigger craft room and someone to organize it. ;-) Have a great week!