Monday, April 16, 2012

Death to Smoochy

Have any of you watched this movie, Death to Smoochy?  The first time I tried to watch it, I was like, really?  Lame Sauce.  But in actuality, it's hilarious.  I mean really, who doesn't want the purple rhino to go down (not really though, because he's the good guy)?  And Edward Norton...well, enough said.

I'm blaming it on PMS, but today, I wouldn't mind having my very own purple rhinoceros to abuse with the paring knife I just used to destroy my apple.  Just sayin.

My dear friend here at, I love her.  She continues to check in on me, and is doing EVERYTHING in her power to put me in a better mood.  It's a hard fight against hormones, but she's giving it her all...and I appreciate her soooo very much!  She shared this note with me...

Beautiful Woman
by Fion Lim

Beautiful woman,
come out and play,
reveal your inner treasures.

The sparkle in your eyes,
the natural swing in your walk,
you radiate excitement and enthusiasm.

You need no latest fashion,
No expensive hair cuts,
No blinding big accessories.

You glow in your passions,
passionate in your pursuits,
you know what you are made of.

You are not easily bothered,
by the mindless opinions of others,
you know very well where you want to go.

You are a joy to watch,
an inspiration to others,
your pure soul an endless marvel. 

Beautiful woman,
let your brilliance shine through,
your eyes speak of true inner beauty.

And this makes me smile, and puts everything into perspective.  Thank you, Toya!  Love you so very much!  :)

Beautiful women (and men who read me too!), have incredible days!

P.S.  I wrote this earlier in the day.  I love how my title is Death and my tags are beautiful, passion and smile.  Weirdo.  

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Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

So today I will be stealing the phrase Lame Sauce! And your friend that gave you that sweet note. Hug her hard. That was too sweet!