Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Love Frogs, and Other Happenings

I grew up in the country.  Up the road was a creek (more like a deep drainage ditch, but we called it a creek), and each spring, I would fall asleep to the sound of croaking frogs...and I loved it.

Fast forward...a whole lotta years, and we buy our house in Portland.  It backs up to a natural green space that has two ponds (real ones, not drainage ditch type ones). The first warm spring evening, I opened the windows and fell asleep to a beautiful chorus of frogs, complete with bull cool!

I mention all of this because I stayed at my mom's this weekend and slept with the window open, just so that I could listen to the frogs.  Great memories from childhood.

In fact, I like frogs so very much, that I had a permanent one installed on my right shoulder when I was 22.

And then he received a beautiful upgrade when I was 34.

Don't you agree?  Much cooler with something to sit on, rather than just a dumb frog hanging out.

And in other news...

It was a great weekend, complete with time spent visiting not one, but TWO of my long time girlfriends, and scrumptious food at one of my favorite restaurants!

1: Spicy Octopus and Prawn Stew   2: New pub opening soon   3: Saturday night's menu
4: Me and Jenn   5: The drive to PDX

And then some family time...always needed and appreciated and loved!

1: The cutest niece and nephew EVER!  2: The Gorge    3: My favorite poplar stand
4: Waterfall whose name I don't know   5: Prettiness
6: Diesl decided my sister's hand weight would make an excellent chew toy.  Sorry Handle!

I hope you all had super fabulous weekends!  Cheers to a great week!

Have an awesome day!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Put A Bird On It

Good morning, my sunshines!  Happy Friday to you all!

So yesterday, we put a bag on it.  Today, I thought we'd put a bird on it.  Because there is a place where young people go to retire, and the 90s are alive and well...

Seriously...if you haven't experienced Portlandia yet, DO IT!  You can thank me later.

Have fantabulous weekends, my beautiful friends!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Put A Bag On It

Yeah, I'm talking about over my head, because apparently that's how I looked today.  "Angie, how are you tooooodaaayyy....oh, not good" as I turned around to the kind soul asking how I was and they saw my face, which apparently looked like hell.  At least five people..."oh, you're not OK."  LAME!

The day started out well...had a great squats/lunges session at the gym, looked fab (or I thought I did) in my fave orange shirt and shiny gloss, a Secret Someone bought me coffee for Admin Day.  It was going well.

Then I got to work.

And all hell broke loose.

And then I went to brain therapy, which was so very emotionally draining today.

And then I had to go back to work.

Needless to say, I apparently looked like a hot mess.

And the more I tried to play it off, the more people looked at me and asked the dreaded question..."WHAT is WRONG with you?!" 

So I came home.  And made a margarita.  And sat on the patio.  And threw the ball for The Boy for about an hour.

Then I decided I should do some sort of cardio.  So I took Diesl for a walk...that turned into a the OUT OF DOORS!!  Now, those who know me know my general dislike for running outdoors from posts here and here.  I am NOT a fan, but I manage...occasionally.

But tonight...holy moly!  A run outside was EXACTLY what I needed!!!!  I feel so very invigorated (I hope I can sleep!) and clear in the head (because I was EXTREMELY foggy all day today).  And I don't know why I EVER doubt how AMAZING a run is for every part of my body...heart, mind and soul!

Friends, I challenge you: when you're sitting there contemplating it all, thinking that sitting on the couch, having another margarita, or doing nothing but wallowing will make you feel better, GET UP AND MOVE!  I promise you, you heart, body and soul will thank you for it!

Have an awesome day!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

In Love With

My coworkers!!  Balloons and cards and lunch yesterday, more lunch tomorrow, and  love all week long!  I work with the BEST people!!

Lightning storms in the Tri Cities.  What amazing sites the last two nights!  Shall we go for number three?

credit where credit is due!

The instant gratification of helping a stranger.

Love notes from my bloggy blog friends!

Chocolate chip chunk cookies (even if I really wanted the M&M ones).

Happy hour dates with a lovie.

A beautiful sunrise after a stormy night.

Knowing that in the end, no matter what comes my way, I am exactly where I need to be.  

The fact that I am strong and I am successful and I am putting one foot in front of the other with every decision I make.  Always moving forward.

"The path to our destination is not always a straight one. We go down the wrong road, we get lost, we turn back.  Maybe it doesn't matter which road we embark on.  Maybe what matters is that we embark."  -Barbara Hall

 What are you in love with, my loves?

Have an awesome day!

Quesadillas, Pizza and Hot Dogs, OH MY!

I made a trip to Costco last night.

And all I wanted was a big, greasy slice of pepperoni pizza.

And a Costco dog, with mustard.

And a quesadilla.  (I realize they don't sell them, but the more cheese, the merrier.)

Topped off with (a container of) Costco chocolate chip cookies.


Strange how none of the above can be found on any healthy/whole food list that I've EVER read.

And I had zero cash.

And everyone else at Costco had the same idea. Kind of creepy that the entire warehouse was practically empty, but the concession stand area was packed!

So I went home and ate this...

Quinoa, sugar snap peas, chives, sunflower seeds, a little balsamic/olive oil concoction/dressing, and some chicken for good measure...

So that I can continue to look like this...

And yes, but "this," I mean goofy.  But my arm looks pretty buff, so I like it (chicks with cut arms ROCK!).

So yeah...story of my life, right here, for you to see.  

And in other news, my stupid computer finally crapped out.  The power cord has decided not to make a connection to said computer.  And the battery stopped holding juice years ago.  So, until I come up with a (low cost) solution, I may be MIA.  But please know that I love you and I'm thinking about you and will be back as soon as humanly possible...PROMISE!  :)

What's going on in your worlds friends?  Entertain me until I get back, please and thank you!  :)

Have an awesome day!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


It's 7:45 p.m.


And I'm reflecting.

Reflecting on the fact that I have been blessed my entire life with incredible neighbors.  Like, Pleasantville type folks.  And I'm eternally grateful.  Craig came over to ask me why his backyard was flooded (ummm....maybe because last weekend while I was mowing, I ran over a sprinkler head and it immediately was chopped in half and I haven't fixed it yet?). And from there he proceeded to rethread my weed eater (I was out of string) and fix the broken sprinkler head.  Over an hour later...I owe the guy some Crown Royal for sure!

Reflecting on the awesomeness that is my other neighbor, Jennifer.  She totally rocks.  And her son...cutest little four year old.  Calling for my cat, Monkey, while making ooo aaahhahaa sounds!  So. Flipping CUTE!

Reflecting on how much I enjoy meeting new people and having an instant connection.  

Reflecting on how amazing it is to have that instant connection with an old friend.

Reflecting on the beautiful weather we had this weekend.

Reflecting on my matter how small, I'm one lucky girl!

And in the end, looking forward to the goodness that lies ahead. 

I hope you all had incredible weekends!

Have an awesome day!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Honesty, Part 2

NOTE: The author of this blog claims no responsibility for the randomness of this post...

So, if you're keeping tabs, Honesty Part 1 doesn't actually exist.  Well, at least not to you all.  It is written, but it is not spoken.  It turned out to be a bit of a bitch fest...not going to lie (hence the title, Honesty.  Get it?). But since writing that post (at an undisclosed location that was not my home, while surrounded by people who were complete strangers), I have come to realize that I have too many NON strangers (read friends that do matter, because when I re-read this, I was like, what the hell does that mean?) to write about crap that doesn't matter.

Bottom line, I had a hard afternoon.  I was an emotional mess.  I was a crazy sort of mess...forgetful, distracted, messy.  So I came home and declined running and chose to play with The Boy instead.

And then I needed comfort food.  So instead of the (hugely desired) carb overload of pasta or pizza or all things scrumptious and wonderful in this world, I went for sushi...and gorged.  It was AWESOME!

Then I went for a drink at the locally frequented establishment.  And this is where I wrote Honestly Part 1.  I had it in my heart and I let it spill (blessed be the Blogger app for iPhone).  I'm certain I looked like an idiot sitting at the bar on my phone for more than the acceptable "whhaaaaat, I'm just checking Facebook" allotted time. Anyhoo...I wrote and wrote...for a good 10-15 minutes.

And then the yucky part of my day was over.  POOF!  Gone.  I love that about writing! And I enjoyed the rest of my time at said local establishment and met some new friends and had a great time.  And the smile reappeared!

And this scrumptiousness arrived at my house!

And this is what the weekend has in store...

I'm feeling some hiking this weekend, don't you think?  Life is good!

Back to the title...I appreciate honesty.  And I appreciate my friends and family so very much!  Thank you for letting me heal in my own way, on my own time.  I love you so very much and appreciate everything you give to my life, every single day! THANK YOU!

Happy Fridays friends!  Have AWESOME days!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's Time!

Spring is in full bloom...pun intended...

and I'm SUPER EXCITED! (all caps gets the point across, right?!)

Cannot. Get. Enough of this beautiful Earth...

and all it has to offer.

And he's pretty excited that it's warmer out and we're going for more walks.  He's a fair weather walker, just like his momma!  Or at least, that's what I tell myself to lessen the guilt.

So, bring on SUMMER!

Have awesome days!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dear Letters

Dear new running shoes: You're not pink.  And I was concerned.  But I am so thankful for your squishiness!  Thank you for treating my feet and ankles better than they've been treated in months!

Dear 18 year old girl at the gym: No matter how cute your little tushy is, leopard hot pants are never a good choice.  Keep 'em at home.

Dear other girl at the gym: Yeah, you on the stair climber/elliptical machine thingy. I would like to teach you how to use the machines (even though others have said you are unteachable).  Please stop pretending that taking one step every 10 seconds is exercise.  And DO NOT EVER get on a treadmill next to me again.  I may push you off simply to save you from yourself.

Dear gorgeous tulips: THANK YOU for being at Starbucks this morning so that I could take a photo of you and "send flowers" to my friend who is getting her brain tested for yucky things.  I think that she appreciated you as much as I did!

Dear moon: Thank you for looking so incredibly cool this morning and letting my camera capture your coolness.  I appreciate it!

Dear camera: Thank you for catching some cool pics.  I know we're still building our relationship, but so far, I'm happy with what we have going on.

Have awesome days friends!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Death to Smoochy

Have any of you watched this movie, Death to Smoochy?  The first time I tried to watch it, I was like, really?  Lame Sauce.  But in actuality, it's hilarious.  I mean really, who doesn't want the purple rhino to go down (not really though, because he's the good guy)?  And Edward Norton...well, enough said.

I'm blaming it on PMS, but today, I wouldn't mind having my very own purple rhinoceros to abuse with the paring knife I just used to destroy my apple.  Just sayin.

My dear friend here at, I love her.  She continues to check in on me, and is doing EVERYTHING in her power to put me in a better mood.  It's a hard fight against hormones, but she's giving it her all...and I appreciate her soooo very much!  She shared this note with me...

Beautiful Woman
by Fion Lim

Beautiful woman,
come out and play,
reveal your inner treasures.

The sparkle in your eyes,
the natural swing in your walk,
you radiate excitement and enthusiasm.

You need no latest fashion,
No expensive hair cuts,
No blinding big accessories.

You glow in your passions,
passionate in your pursuits,
you know what you are made of.

You are not easily bothered,
by the mindless opinions of others,
you know very well where you want to go.

You are a joy to watch,
an inspiration to others,
your pure soul an endless marvel. 

Beautiful woman,
let your brilliance shine through,
your eyes speak of true inner beauty.

And this makes me smile, and puts everything into perspective.  Thank you, Toya!  Love you so very much!  :)

Beautiful women (and men who read me too!), have incredible days!

P.S.  I wrote this earlier in the day.  I love how my title is Death and my tags are beautiful, passion and smile.  Weirdo.  

Sunday, April 15, 2012

{there's no place like home}

This was EXACTLY what I needed.  So much goodness!!

Sushi.  New running shoes.  Dinner with my bff and her husband and their adorable daughter.  (George cooked, and is Greek, so he kept bbqing and bbqing and we kept eating and eating...seriously, I haven't eaten that amount and that much goodness in a very long time!)  Wine, wine and more wine!

Lunch with my Seezder.  Visiting with my momma, her husband and my grandpa.  Gorgeous weather the entire weekend.  Lawn mowed and sprinklers up and running when I got home (call me crazy, but I'm ecstatic that I will be able to listen to the sprinklers in the morning while I get ready for work!).  

Simple pleasures.  The important things...Family, Friends, Food!  Absolutely AMAZING WEEKEND!

I hope you all had incredible weekends as well!

Have an awesome day!

P.S.  I've linked up to The Weekend File.  Go say hi to Hayley!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Is that one word or two?  Hmmm...  Always safest to capitalize both I say, just in case...and I digress.

But yeah...I'm missing home.

I miss my fam.  I need hugs.  :)

It always happens on holidays when I don't go celebrate, like Easter.  Or birthdays.  Or Saturdays when there isn't much going on around my home. It happens.

But, I've decided to suck it up and pay the $500 in gas (holy goodness...I hope it doesn't cost that much!) to drive home for a visit.  

So watch out PDX!  It's going to be a short trip, but I'm coming home!  Oh, and hey...some sunshine and a little heat while I'm there would be awesome, because I'm giving that up this weekend to come see you.  Thanks!

Yep, that's me...made in Oregon!

Have an awesome day!

Numb...I think

Have you ever given up an unhealthy something, not once, not twice, but a hundred thousand million times?

And then continued to go back for the unhealthiness?  It's like an can't get enough.  No matter what you tell yourself, you know for fact it's unhealthy, but you keep going back.  

Until one day, you don't.

I did that today. I gave up an unhealthy something for the hundred thousand millionth time.  And I can feel in my bones that today was the last time I'll have to give it up.

And I'm numb.

It's a strange feeling.  I expected the usual sadness and pain and anger and everything else I've felt every other time.  But this time, just numb.  

Not to say the rest of it won't be waiting for me on my bedside table in the morning when I wake up, but right now, I know that the unhealthiness is done.

And I'm numb.

Kind of heavy...I apologize.  And it's not a poor me/pity post, so no worries.  Just thoughts I'm sharing with you all today.

Thanks for stopping by and taking part.


P.S.  I've linked up with Guts & Glamour today.  Go say hi to the lovely Jessica!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Show the Love

I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read and all the friends I want to see.  ~John Burroughs

It happened this afternoon...

Mom: Angie, are you trying to lose weight?  How much have you lost?  I can see it in your face in the photos you post.
Me: Yes, I did lose some, but I'm working to maintain now, not continuing to go down....

I love you momma!  Thank you for your concern...I appreciate it more than you'll ever know!

This call got me thinking...I need to be more diligent about sharing concerns or thoughts or feelings toward others.  A lot of stuff in my life has changed in the last month, besides my weight.  But I suddenly feel like I'm neglecting my friends and not spreading enough sunshine to those around me.

So I have decided to fix that.  And I started tonight with a girl at the gym.  She and her fiance/husband (not sure which) are at the gym most evenings, although they were AWOL for a couple of weeks (and no, it's not Fran and Lyle. This is a younger-than-me-couple, probably 25ish.  For real! would think I would have learned my lesson last time!).  Anyhoo, she's lost weight.  You can see it all over. Whatever she's been up to, it's working for her!  So I told her.  And she was so excited..."you totally made my entire day."  YEA!  

Little things like that.  Just knowing that I had an impact on someone else's day, in a positive way, makes me so happy!

One of my friends at work told me today that another one of our friends has been on her mind, so she let her know...and she made that friend's day, just by vocalizing her thoughts.

Friends, this is what I need to work on.  When someone pops into my brain, it's for a reason.  I may not know the exact cause, or even know that they need me, but that person may simply need to know that someone is thinking about them.

So make the effort.  Send a text.  Send an email.  Drive by their house and stalk them.  Let them know that you're thinking about them. Because this life is stinking short and honestly, you don't know when the next opportunity will arise!

How will YOU take this opportunity to make someone else's day THAT MUCH BETTER?

And I apologize for my lack of photos today...didn't get the chance to take any...other than this one of my most scrumptious dinner...

Seriously, I need to stop being so lazy because I am an AMAZING cook!!  YUM! (recipe shared by Jenni at Story of My Life.  Seriously...scrumptious!)

Have an awesome day!

Monday, April 9, 2012

{insert title here} (because i've got nothin)

Hi Friends!

I can't even believe was 73 degrees today when I drove home from work!  73!  Do you know what this means??

That maybe, just maybe, spring is here!  YAHOO!

So, after my run this evening (which was much needed since I skipped out on the gym this morning), The Boy and I went on an excursion.

The temp had cooled down, and it was a bit cloudier than before, but we found this...

Just a couple of snippets.  Nothing too exciting.  Well, except for this crazy guy...

It may have been 73 degrees EARLIER in the evening, but I'm fairly certain the river is still about 45 degrees. But kudos to him, because he was doing some super cool jumps!

And then I came home to this...

Duh.  Who doesn't do good after a bottle glass of wine?

Friends, tell me the story of your life!  We have a long road ahead of us and plenty of time for whatever you've got!

Have an awesome day!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend In Review

Friday: went to happy hour, home by 6:30, asleep on the couch by 8:00, awake a few minutes later (30 mins?), in bed at 10:30.  It was an exciting night (did I mention I was losing the battle to cold #2 in three weeks?).  HUGE PARTY at my house.  Not.

Saturday: much better day!  After 10+ hours of sleep, I was ready to go.  Had a great run, did a little shopping, ate a little sushi, sat at a restaurant patio and enjoyed the glorious day (such a beautiful day to spend with friends!), then out with friends again for the evening.  It was a wonderful, WARM, full of love sort of day!

Sunday: I went to church. Yeah, me.  (in my sister's words...YOU went to church?!?!? Thanks, Handle.)  Umm, it's Easter.  Duh.  And I've been contemplating finding a church home.  Like, the far reaches of my brain, somewhere in the very back.  No, this isn't going to turn into a worship blog.  BUT, I do want to share why I chose this specific church...because it makes me laugh.

From their website...
#1 reason:  "We do have a dress code, but it’s fairly simple: please wear something."  OK, I can do that.
#2 reason: "What to expect on a Sunday: 
-There is a live band that will lead us in 3 songs (you can either sing along or just listen to the music)
-Someone will pray and say "hi"
-A pastor will give a message that is relevant to your life and the whole thing will be over in about 70 minutes."  OK...I like the honesty.
#3 reason: For each first time visitor, they donate $5 to an organization that gets fresh water to people in Africa.  I just helped make that happen.  This I'm a HUGE fan of!

So yeah...good service, preceded by a clip from Modern Family about women "cycling" together (have you watched this show?  I don't watch much tv, but have seen a couple episodes and its HILARIOUS!).  Overall, my kind of church...honest up front, humor throughout, and nice people who like to say hi all the time.  It was goodness for my soul.

Blooming grape vines

View from half way

And then...hiked Badger Mountain with the Diesl Boy, lots of yard work, cleaned the car, oh, and in the middle of writing this post, I was given the opportunity to add "kitchen sink plumbing problem" to the list of "yeah, I got this."  Good.  Fun.  Stuff.

He's so CUTE!

Friends, how were your Easter weekends?  I hope they were splendid! Happy new week to you!

Have an awesome day!