Sunday, March 25, 2012

Umm, Yeah, That Just Happened

So, as mentioned in this post, my laptop is a piece of crap.  OK, not entirely's just old (I won't even tell you how old) and apparently it's tired.  And testing my patience daily.

Due to these tests, I was a bit flustered as I began my journey into much so that I...umm...forgot the name of my blog.  Holy CRAP!  Are you kidding me???!?!?  I kid you not...sat here for a few seconds thinking, umm, what is that page again?  Craziness!!  Thankfully I found you!  And you found me! (Which I appreciate so very much every single day), so we're all good!  YEA!

Anyhoo, my dumb Monkey cat decided to hurt himself.  Poor baby!  He was a three legged kitty all weekend.  I won't go into details, but this afternoon, there was a lesion and grossness and momma poured hydrogen peroxide on the ouchy, which he was NOT a fan of, and it looks like he may be able to go outside tomorrow.  I hope so...he's making me nuts being inside!

Isn't he so cute?  Little bastard...literally.  He was an abandoned barn cat.

I went to a beautiful pink zebra themed birthday party on Friday evening.  It was the perfect way to end the crazy work week!

Happy birthday, Maleah!  

Even the boys thought it was the "best 7-year old's birthday party."  Umm, ok...creepers...

Tiny spoon in the making.

The weather was gorgeous today!  After breakfast...

Ham and cheese and avo and green chiles, oh my!
I cleaned the garage and fertilized the lawn. As I mentioned last week, my neighbor, Craig, has already started mowing.  Being the only female in the neighborhood that takes care of a lawn, I have to show the boys that I know what I'm doing!

Other than that, nothing too exciting this weekend.  :)

How were your weekends?  I hope they were super fabulous!

Have an awesome day!


Becca said...

Awww your cat is so cute, I hope his leg gets better soon! It sounds like you had a lovely weekend, I've just read books and sat in the sun xxxx

Jennifer McCormick said...

Oh Monkey. I bet he LOVED you taking care of him ;).

Sounds like a great weekend!! :)

lospring said...

Yours was not to crazy of a weekend, except forgetting your blog. haha.... I am so glad I am not the only girl having to mow my yard. Really, I don't mow at all. It is great having son-in-law in the 'business'. Son-in-law, daughter, grandson and even granddaughter have put in time this past weekend working on improving our yard. I really love how it is looking. I will send pictures when I can take a picture... when the sun shines again. ;-) Have a great week.