Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thank you...

..Sun, for coming up every day.

...Family...for loving me, even though I'm sure I appear crazy most of the time.

...Mom, for being an incredible sounding board and being supportive of my wishy-washiness.

...Handle, for being the most amazing sister anyone could ever dream of having.

...Friends, for asking questions and pulling me out of the darkness that I was unsure I'd get out of.

...Batman, for encouraging happiness and honesty with self.

...Diesl and Monkey, for being so very excited to see me every single time I come home.

...PNNL, for letting me be an outsider and land in an awesome, secure, great FAMILY!

...Lord, for giving me this amazing day!

Each day, I am thankful for:
Nights that turned into mornings,
Friends that turned into family,
Dreams that turned into reality,
And likes that turned into love.

Have amazing days friends!


Jennifer McCormick said...

This is so encouraging. I need to work on being thankful more. I AM thankful for your reminder and inspiration :)

Chandra said...

Thank you for being a place of inspiration on the web:D So nice when I can stop by! P.S. thanks for tagging me..it's been a little crazy but i'll try to do a post too.