Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oh the Excitement, Part Dos!!

OK, mom knows, so I can share with the rest of you...

Yesterday, I bought a plane ticket...


One way!

I joke, I joke!!  It's a round trip ticket, I promise.  But YES!  In September, I will be flying to Barcelona and exploring Spain for two weeks.  I. Am. EXCITED!!!!


I've never been to Europe.

I've never traveled alone.

I've never bought a plane ticket without knowing the rest of the plan.

HOLY GOODNESS!  I'm going to SPAIN!  Anytime anyone walks into my office, I look at them with this crazy look, and they ask what's wrong, and I get all excited and tell them my story (it started out as a trip to Greece with my best friend and her Greek husband and their little daughter, but that trip has been postponed until next year.  I had mentioned going to Spain while in Greece and she encouraged me still to do it, so I AM!). 

Barcelona, San Sabastian, Madrid...tapas, Spanish wine, markets, cafes, hostels (maybe...not sold on that one yet)...new people, new places...a whole new life adventure!  Have I mentioned that I'm slightly excited?!?!?

San Sebastian


So that's my big news!  I hope it's as exciting for you all as it for me!  I'm tempted to ask for the next six months (ONLY SIX MONTHS!) to go by quickly, but then I'd miss summer, and that would be a bummer, so I will just ask that time flies as quickly as it has the first three months of this year (can you believe March is almost over?) and we'll call it good!

Do you have any exciting vacation plans coming up?

Have an awesome day!

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bigT said...

OH MY GOODNESS...SPAIN!!! That is very exciting...only with I could come with, HA! How very happy I am for you friend! I can't wait to hear more about the planning and see the pictures!!! I love you so very much, thanks for sharing your super exciting news!!!

<3 T


bigT said...


Jenn said...


Chandra said...

*gasp* ...I would make a great travel buddy! Be sure to take lots of pictures, enjoy the cuisine, and shop til you drop:D

lospring said...

WOW!!! How awesome is that. Like Chandra said... take lots of pictures. Definitely, enjoy the trip.
love ya,

krissy jane said...

Spain is my favorite ever! And honestly, hostels will probably be a good idea if your travelling alone, because you'll get to meet other people. If you want more ideas just let me know - I lived in Madrid for four months.