Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Today, March 29, my best boy EVER turned eight years old!  Happy birthday, Diesl!

I dare you...tell me he wasn't the cutest, fattest most adorable piece of fur you've ever seen!!  LOVE HIM!

This boy has been my BFF...hugged me when no one else was around, let me cry on him, awaken me from my weekend naps because he's bored, cuddles with me every single night...hence his name, Best. Boy. Ever!

Diesl Boy, mommy loves you.  Thank you for always being happy to see me...even on days when you get stuck inside longer than you should be.  :)

Have awesome days friends!


bigT said...

Happy Birthday, Diesl buddy!! Love you and miss you but I promise I will come up and see you (hopefully soon!!) I will throw your tennis ball for you and the boys will run around and chase you!!

Love you so much friend! He was and still is the cutest furball ever :) -T

Jenn said...

AH! Such a little FUR BALL! Happy Birthday Diesl! :)

lospring said...

I can't believe he is 8. Time is flying by. Hope you both enjoyed his Bday!