Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday FUN DAY!

Yeah...I have no idea what that means....but I'm SUPER excited about it! I promise! Jumping out of my skin EXCITED!!!!!

OK, maybe not that excited.  But it's Friday.  And that means I only have eight hours to kill work, and then it's the weekend.

And the weekend holds....

  • A 7-year old's bday party tonight
  • Two hours of work tomorrow (OT is my friend, OT is my friend...)
  • A pasta potluck for my beautiful friend's momma who may not be with us much longer
  • Learning about wine (by tasting, and possibly ingesting)
  • Maybe some yard my neighbor decided to begin the mowing season this evening.  Oh will pay!  Or I will pay and you will do my lawn too?  Hmmm.....

And who knows what other randomness will occur.

But judging by the last couple weekends, I'm going to guess that it's going to be full of goodness and great friends and LOVE!

We shall see...  :)

What sort of plans do you all have?  You're welcome to come here...I have room...and it's guaranteed to be AMAZING!  :)

Have an awesome day!


Marion said...

Ha! You sound like you have a great weekend planned! And I would SOooo love to come over there...Miss you tons!

XO - Marion

PS - the photo of Diesl in the previous post cracked me up. Love him.

Jennifer McCormick said...

Pick me! I want to come play! :) Actually, we're headed to the beach this weekend AND working on planning out kitchen remodel (wah?!), so that'll be super fantastic!! Hope you have a great one friend!

Jes said...

found my way over from amira's blog!
OT is everyone's friend. best friend. (it helps to keep repeating it)
have a great weekend and looking forward to following!
xx jes,

Autumn Ingram said...

Sounds like you have a fun/full weekend! If there is any Roscato (Yes, it is related to Moscato-I think!) you have to taste it! I am usually all about desert wine and anti red wine (too bitter for me!) but I found Roscato, and it is AMAZING- and it's red! Have fun!!

lospring said...

It seems like I can't read you blog daily. So this weekend I am playing catchup. It has been quite the weekend for us. I am still learning new stamp / scrapbook techniques so I teach my fellow stampers, since I started selling Close To My Heart stamp and scrapbook products. I lay wake wondering what all I can do. NOT FUN! I even make a card this weekend.
I went over to Brandon & Melisa's and saw their PIGGIES... they are growing fast. Then we went and looked at sheep to raise for meat (they will probably get 2 or 3 and maybe a goat too. I haven't heard about a duck yet (Melisa always wanted a duck.) (I also heard they were really, really, dirty.) Aren't farms usually dirty??? The pigs are the kids for 4H.
Went to church last night --- Saturday night services are so great. Different type of people. Learned more about the Holy Spirit. I have a 4 year old doing a sleep over. Her mom had to do a Sleep apnea study. I am getting breakfast ready. We will eat and I am back to serve at one of the worship service this am. love ya