Friday, March 2, 2012


"Times like these, times like those
What will be will be, and so it goes."
-Jack Johnson

Feels very fitting for this fine Friday.  

I'll tell ya friends, sometimes you're chosen...chosen to be "the one" in this little play called life, and sometimes you're not.  

And that's just the way it goes.

What YOU choose to do with that knowledge is completely up to you.  

Me...I'll chalk it up to another learning experience and move forward from here.  Mostly because that's what the Sunshine Giver does...but also because I kick ass and refuse to let it all bring me down any longer.  I know who wants to be in my life, and those people freaking ROCK!  

The rest of them...well, quite frankly, they can suck it.  In a nice sunshiny sort of way, of course!  :)

Have fabulous Fridays and weekends friends!  Love you all!


Chandra said...

Thanks for choosing to stop by and visit me today:D Enjoy your weekend!

Amanda Kay said...

They can suck it indeed! Love you Ang!