Monday, February 20, 2012


It is unclear to me why I am battling myself on Goal #1 so very much.

I find myself in a good spot for a couple of weeks, moving forward, making great strides, feeling good about choices I make, and then BAM!  Right back to the start line. 

Self destruct much??


BUT, as annoying as that is (every. single. time.), today is a good day.  And today is the first day of my climb back up the hill. 

No more tumbling backwards. 

No more re-reading the old stories. 

Not to say there won't be slips, because honestly, I'm human, not Wonder Woman.  But desire and determination will be my guides from this point forward.  These two have guided me to a healthy physical state, and with a little work (OK, maybe a bit more than a little) and a refocused attitude, I'm certain they can take me to a healthy mental state!

What do you do to refocus when you slip off the track?

Have an awesome day!

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