Friday, February 24, 2012

Pass It Forward

As promised...

Friends, I'm so very excited!  Through this blogging experience, I've met some amazing people, one of them being Ashley over at The Shine Project.  What an AMAZING woman.  She has a strong, beautiful, caring heart and a desire to DO SOMETHING for everyone!  From the first moment I laid eyes on her blog, I was inspired, and wanted to act!

Ashley has mentioned a few times on her blog that she's "working on something big," and patiently I've been waiting.  A couple of weeks ago, she put out a call for help in announcing her new endeavor, and I jumped at the opportunity to help.  Tuesday evening, she let the cat out of the bag to the select few (100 people!!) who offered to help. 

So, without further adieu, I introduce you to Pass It Forward!  From Ashley...

"Pass It Forward was designed to get people to do little things, everyday, that makes an impact on the community around them. Pass it Forward is designed around a card (see card below). Each card is given a unique ID number. Lets say we're at McDonalds, and I decide to pay for the person behind me in the drive through. I'd give the cashier the card, and tell them to pass it along to the next car when they give them the food that has been paid for. I then go home and log into the website that was on the card, and find my unique ID number. I log into it, and add my information... My first name, city, and a description of what I did....Let's say the person behind me was you, you would pass it forward to someone else, and then you would go home and do the same thing. From the very beginning, you will be able to track where your card goes, and how many people you affect just by doing one simple act of kindness."

SEE!  I told you!  So. Very. EXCITED!  Go to The Shine Project so that you can learn all about this incredible adventure.

What will you do to Pass It Forward?

Have incredible days friends!  I love you all!


andrea brionne said...

This looks amazing! i'm on my way to her blog to check out more (:

bigT said...

I LOVE THIS!!! What a brilliant idea!!! How and when does it start? Do I have to sign up???