Monday, February 13, 2012

I Feel Compelled tell you that I love you.  Not because I have to, or I'm filling dead space with words, but because I do. do something so much bigger than I've ever done in my life.  Trouble is, I'm not sure what that is yet.  But I've been crying about it for a few days now, and every time I think about it, I cry more, so I need to figure out what "it" is before I run out of water in my system!  ;) sing really really loud!  I hope the roommate doesn't mind....'cause I'm doin' it! spread my sunshine to everyone I know and meet.  I had the opportunity yesterday, and I'm thankful that circumstances allowed me to take that opportunity and be the person I know I am. move in a forward motion every minute of every day, because I am strong and I am doing what needs to be done to be healthy in all aspects...because this is my life, and I own it.

In this life, what are you compelled to do?  Are you listening and taking action?

Have an awesome day!


Jennifer McCormick said...

Love you friend! I'm compelled to do something bigger with my life than I'm doing right now. I just have NOOOO idea what that is yet!

bigT said...
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bigT said...

Ang, I ♥ you! I love your sunshine, your strength, your singing (yes really, I do!), but most importantly, your friendship! You, my friend, will figure out whatever it is your looking for...maybe stop looking and it will find you! Smile, you're beautiful!

Love, T