Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Friday!

I hope you all are having super lovely days!

So, the UPS man delivered DSW goodness to me yesterday.  As I shopped online, I found myself conflicted on which pair of shoes I *really* needed, so I ordered both.  Unfortunately, I can only keep one.  At the suggestion of my beautiful friend, Marion (check out her amazing style blog here), I'm putting out a call for assistance!

Which pair deserves to live at Sunshine Palace and which pair will spend more time with the UPS man?

Have an awesome day!


Jennifer McCormick said...

Um, seriously, they're both awesome! I don't think I could send either back! I know, I know ... not so helpful :)

Angie said...

SERIOUSLY Jenn! That's what I'm worried about! And now I feel like I need new pants to go with's never ending!! :)

bigT said...

Ang, I love BOTH of them but I think I'm leaning towards keeping the loafers. They are SUPER cute and it's really hard to find cute, comfortable loafers. :)

Love you!

Marion said...

Aw, thanks for the little shout out friend! :-)
And if you have to make a choice, I would say keep the loafer heel. They just seem to have a little more personality than the other style. But also factor in which one is more comfortable...cause that matters.

LOVE you!!
XO - Marion