Friday, February 3, 2012


Over the past month, I've been reading.  A lot.  I've been reading stories of people's lives, stories that they choose to share on their blogs.  I am thankful to have discovered some truly amazing people.  These individuals have the Courage to put their words "out there," to share their stories and lives, to take the extra step to do something that is important to them, and to share that with the world.

It takes a lot of Courage to stand up.  It takes a lot of Courage to say, "hey, I deserve to be happy."  It takes a lot of Courage to share with the world something deeply private that you thought would never happen to you.  It takes a lot of Courage to express your honest opinion about a situation.  It takes a lot of Courage to express your deepest thoughts and desires.  It takes even MORE Courage if you know those thoughts and desires are going to hurt someone you love.

But it takes a lot of Courage to believe in yourself and know who you are...and ACCEPT who you are.  It takes a lot of Courage to share with people, even though others who have been very important in your life may laugh at you and make fun of you for what you stand for and for what you enjoy doing.  It takes a lot of Courage to say, "I won't accept this from you any longer."

At this crazy little juncture in my life, I find myself standing up and letting the little lion inside me roar, screaming out, "I have the COURAGE to do this!"  And I'm not going to let anything stand in my way or tear me down any longer.

Today, I'm feeling a surge of words coming from me, and I'm opening my heart and fingers to you.  The Courage that I've found in writing is amazing and humbling and remarkable and exciting and thought-provoking and just plain AWESOME!  I am thankful (and amazed, and quite frankly, impressed!) that I took the time to look inside myself and ask the question, "do you have the Courage to share this with the world?"  And I'm forever grateful to you for taking the time to read my words!

What have you done today to show your Courageous side?

Have an awesome day!


John Evarts said...

Good one! I did something very courageous this weekend by jumping on a plane and flying across the country to speak with someone face-to-face instead of making a phone call. It was very hard, very exhausting, and very, very rewarding!

Jennifer McCormick said...

Your courage is SO inspiring to me! Thanks for sharing your words ... I love reading your posts!

King of The House of Douche said...

Courage comes from within, sometimes from places inside that you never realized existed. Sometimes that courage is inspired by someone, sometimes by a thought or idea, or even a dream.

Some time ago, I was inspired by the love I have for my daughters to turn my world upside down and take the difficult road to make their world better and perhaps be happier myself. My focus though was not my happiness, but theirs. In the process I've found a much happier place in my own life.
As your friend and neighbor, you should know Ang that your courage, your act of taking the risk to share your thoughts and feelings, provides me with the feeling of pride. Pride in my ability to call you not just my awesome neighbor, but my friend as well.
Plus you're almost always awake before I am, I gotta admire that! ;-)

bigT said...

Friend, I LOVE THIS! You have so much courage, more than you know. You've dealt with alot in your life and although you've had hard times lately, you have powered through it and that alone takes so much courage!! You are strong, beautiful, full of love and very courageous for writing this (I imagine it was hard.)

I also want to say THANK YOU for including me in your post! It made me teary eyed! I didnt know that I had the courage to fight cancer or share my story about it and I honestly don't know where it came from. Wherever it came from, though, it made me a MUCH stronger person. I love you!

- T