Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bad Habits

Note: I actually wrote this post yesterday after having a particularly rough day.  I am happy to report that today has in fact been a million times better.  But I still thought it was a good one to share. 

I have a confession.  I have a bad habit of reacting to what I'll call spun up energy.  Typically, I'm a go-with-the-flow, easy going type of girl.  But every once in a while I'll catch myself sucking up someone else's spun up energy, and I feel my calmness start to slip away.  This is much more likely to happen when I've had a personally difficult day.  Today is one of those days.

At work, we have visitors in town.  And we have normal work that carries on with or without the extra distraction.  And the craziness started yesterday with finalizing the agenda for TODAY'S 9 a.m. meeting.  And we have people who stress out over things that really don't need to be stressed over, and then share that energy with others (that's me, over in the corner, soaking it all up).

On these days, I feel my stress and anxiety levels soar.  I feel my shoulder and neck muscles tense up.  I feel the looks I give people that very clearly state, "Are you freaking KIDDING me?!" over this day.

But I'm going to move on now.  This day is almost done and tomorrow is a new opportunity to have things go mostly smoothly rather than not mostly smoothly.  And I'm going to take stock in the fact that, more than likely, tomorrow is going to ROCK!  To help this evening calm down, I'm going for an awesome run!!

What do you do to avoid other's spun up energy?  And if you contract it (yes, like a disease), how do you rid your body of it?

Have an awesome day!

Beautiful flowers to brighten the day!

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