Saturday, February 11, 2012

and then i met you

I was standing in line waiting to order my coffee this morning.  In front of me was an older gentleman, and to my right, standing out of the line, a younger-than-him-but-older-than-me woman, talking on her cell phone.  He finished ordering, she waved me on, I ordered coffee and went to the "wait here" area.

She finished her call and walked over to became clear that they were a couple.  And then it dawned on me....I know them!  OK, I don't know them, but I see them at the gym most evenings.  And secretly, I'm in love with them.  He might be 70, she's probably not 60 (I truly am NOT good with age.  In my mind, my mom can't be over 50, so this could be a bit off).  He turns around to walk away and sees me..."You workout at the Club, don't you?  You're the one who goes crazy on the elliptical!"  Why yes, yes I do!  She tells me how she is inspired, watching me get on the machine and just go for it!  *love it*

He proceeds to tell me that he and his lovely wife married six years ago and they were very happy.  And then they put on a couple extra pounds and became not-so-happy, so they started working out.  He is so cute...I am instantly inspired by THEM!!  He tells me that a year ago at his annual exam, he was borderline diabetic.  Since they started working out, she has lost 30 lbs., and he recently went for his annual examine and diabetes wasn't even mentioned!

I notice this couple every evening at the gym because of their interaction.  Fran and Lyle are so in love and care so deeply for each other.  And they are helping each other be better partners by keeping each other accountable for health and life.  Fran and two ROCK!

Friends, go out, do what inspires you, and most importantly, do it and be healthy!!

Have an awesome day!


Lucie Srbová said...

Lovely post! And that pic is adorable.)

Valerie said...

Awww! What a great story. Thanks for sharing. :-)