Thursday, January 26, 2012


Friends, I'm digging deep today.  A friend gave me three words to focus on: Space, Understanding, Time.  Under normal circumstances, these three little words wouldn't cause such anxiety.  After all, I'm usually pretty understanding. And if you need more time, by all means, take it.  But Space...ugh.  When you see a friend hurting, all you want to do is run up and hug him or her and help make things better.  And when that isn't allowed, it adds an element of anxiety to Understanding and Time as well.  

So today, to find my way to Space, Understanding, and Time, I'm looking deep within me to find Strength.  And I'm hoping to muster up enough to send some to my friend too, because I think we can all use a little extra when we're going through a difficult time.


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Jenni@Story of My Life said...

Thanks for your sweet comment today Angie. I enjoy making up my own words too. :) And good luck with your own "digging deep" today!