Monday, January 30, 2012

The Story of My Life

Harry: So why don't you tell me the story of your life?
Sally: The story of my life?
Harry: We've got 18 hours to kill before we get to New York
Sally: The story of my life won't even get us out of Chicago....

When Harry Met go-to movie.  I am proud to say that I can quote most of the movie, and own both the DVD and video tape versions.  But I digress...

The scene above, when Harry and Sally first leave Chicago, got me thinking is the story of my life coming along?  Well friends, there has been a lot of sunshine in this life, but a few bumps along the way as well.  It's had high, high mountains and low, low valleys. It's had incredibly amazing stretches, with a few dark, low voids thrown in for fun.  But The Story of My Life is just life.  I am happy to own this life and take responsibility for everything that happens in it.

It's easy to take the highs and run with them and say that they are the story of your life. But the lows make us who we are as well, and it is equally important to take those stretches into account and validate them as part of the learning process.

Do you use your low points as learning opportunities to shape the sunshiny days?

Have an awesome day!

The boy Diesl...
And the Monkey.

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Jennifer McCormick said...

DIESL! Hi puppy! :)

I like to look at low points and think of the good that came from them. There is always good .... it's just sometimes incredibly hard to see in the moment.

Happy Monday!