Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Small Stuff

I had this huge long rambling monologue ready to post about stressing over stuff that is only huge in your own mind, and not giving yourself credit where credit is due.  And then I became bored with my words,  So let's try this again.

I had a discussion last night with the roomie regarding his first official "not set up by someone, but actually took the initiative to ask her" date.  He's stressed over explaining the "issues" that have consumed his mind and complicated his life over the last four years.  As he's asking my opinion on "how do I explain this? how do I explain that?", I looked at him and simply replied, "you don't."  I suggested that these issues are really only issues to him, and certainly don't need to be discussed with a girl he's just getting to know (if he would like to CONTINUE to get to know her!).

Bottom line, "don't sweat the small stuff."  This is an attitude that I take to heart each day.  And make sure to give yourself credit when you deserve it.  There are a lot of things in this life that I could really let get me down.  But in my heart, I know that I'm continually working to improve my situation, and just knowing that, and seeing the progress day by day, no matter how small it is, keeps me moving in a forward motion.

What "small stuff" can you alleviate from your daily stress routine?

Have an awesome day!


John Evarts said...

Good stuff.

Jennifer McCormick said...

So wise, my friend. Brains have a funny way of making things appear bigger - and more important - than they are. I especially agree with your advice to the roommate .... so NOT necessary to start explaining everything. It's also sometimes a great chance for a fresh start.