Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 1

Good morning, and thank you for joining me on this little blogging adventure!

This morning was "one of those days"....full moon, didn't sleep well, woke up four or five times, which is totally unlike me, and then.....the dreaded 4:30 a.m. alarm.  It was questionable whether or not I would make it to the gym this morning.  Low and behold, I found the umph to drag myself to the upright position.

Bottom line, I did it.  I put my mind to it, made it to the gym, and had a tough, but rewarding work out this morning.  For those who don't know, I lift in the mornings for about 45 minutes, and then return in the evening after work to get in the cardio.  This works well for me because I LOVE the accomplished feeling of working out first thing in the morning, and then knowing that I'm getting that extra dose of calorie burn in the evenings adds a bit more sunshine to my day.

As I left the house, I realized it had rained overnight.  Interesting.  It hasn't rained in the Tri Cities in....well, possibly forever.  My lawn is super dead.  But I was thankful to see the wet pavement.  By the time I began the drive to work at 7 a.m., the temperature had dropped about 10 degrees and everything was slippy-slidey fun!  Between that, the full moon, and a light fog hanging around, it was an awesome drive into work!

What is your morning routine?  How do you convince yourself on "those days" that getting out of bed actually is a good idea?


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Marion said...

1) YAY!!!!! I love that you are joining the blogging world! I could use more of your upbeat spirit and joy in my life...:-)
2) My morning routine is rather boring. I get up around 5:45am, walk the dogs for a half hour, shower, dress and head out the door. I wish I was a morning workout person, but alas I'm just not wired that way!

XO - Marion