Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hi.  My name is Angie, and I’m a Pinterest addict. (Hi Angie.)  Ugh.  It’s fact.  I could spend a million hours on this sight, looking at what my friends are looking at, and also clicking the Everything tab at the top (over and over, and over) to see what the rest of my fellow addicts are reviewing.  So. Very. Entrancing.

One thing that I do love about Pinterest, besides the amazing style ideas that I dream about having in my closet, is the collection of words…phrases, if you will.  I am, and always have been, a fan of Words of Wisdom…the little sayings that make you think, YES, you’re right!  Words on love, words of humor, words on hurt, pain, and strength…these words find their way into my heart and soul. 

When I’m feeling a little less than sunshiny, I use these words as reminders.  Yes, working out tonight is a GREAT idea!  Yes, I am strong enough to get through whatever is ailing me. YES, I do deserve happiness in my life!

What do you use as motivation when you’re feeling less than sunshiny?

Have an awesome day!

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Marion said...

I am so right with you on Pinterest having such incredible motivation pins!
I have been thinking that I need to print my favorites and then make some sort of collage or pin cusion board for my office or maybe a part of my house? I want to see them more often to remind myself what's important!

You should share some of your favs on your blog!!

XO - Marion