Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You Make Me Smile

Honestly, it is the smallest things in this life that make me smile and fill my heart with happiness.  An anonymous note.  An unexpected phone call.  The group of folks that I see at coffee every morning.  An extraordinary sunrise or sunset. Seeing photos of my niece and nephew doing silly things, enjoying their lives.  The look Diesl give me when I start to walk away from the fridge without giving him a treat (aka: an ice cube).  The little things that no one else notices, but mean so very much to a fragile heart.

These small things are the ones that I focus the most and pull the most strength from on days like today, when anxiety works double time to fill my veins.  It's days like today when I am even more thankful for the smallest of opportunities that I am given each and every day.

What brings a smile to your face?

Have an awesome day!

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Story of My Life

Harry: So why don't you tell me the story of your life?
Sally: The story of my life?
Harry: We've got 18 hours to kill before we get to New York
Sally: The story of my life won't even get us out of Chicago....

When Harry Met Sally...my go-to movie.  I am proud to say that I can quote most of the movie, and own both the DVD and video tape versions.  But I digress...

The scene above, when Harry and Sally first leave Chicago, got me thinking today....how is the story of my life coming along?  Well friends, there has been a lot of sunshine in this life, but a few bumps along the way as well.  It's had high, high mountains and low, low valleys. It's had incredibly amazing stretches, with a few dark, low voids thrown in for fun.  But The Story of My Life is just that...my life.  I am happy to own this life and take responsibility for everything that happens in it.

It's easy to take the highs and run with them and say that they are the story of your life. But the lows make us who we are as well, and it is equally important to take those stretches into account and validate them as part of the learning process.

Do you use your low points as learning opportunities to shape the sunshiny days?

Have an awesome day!

The kids...my boy Diesl...
And the Monkey.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


In the beginning, we were all one-woman wolf packs.  We didn’t know that each other existed.  Then I met Amy and Claire….and after a night of libations and skipping down the street in downtown Kennewick, we became “the three best friends that anyone could have…”  Yeah, it happened pretty much just like that.

And then we met Jamie, and decided that she should be in our WolfPack.  We threw a four-person party at Sunshine Palace (aka: my house) and told her she was in!

Now I am blessed to have three incredible women in my life.  Each one individually adds a different element to my life…strength, honesty, and lots of love!  And as a Pack, well, I think we rock it pretty stinkin’ well!

And what’s really super cool about this life that I’m living…yes, I have the “official” WolfPack, but in addition to them, my life is chalked FULL of so many incredible women…some I talk to daily, others I talk to far less than that, all of whom I appreciate for taking the time to be in my life!

Do you surround yourself with an awesome WolfPack?

Have a great day!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Friends, I'm digging deep today.  A friend gave me three words to focus on: Space, Understanding, Time.  Under normal circumstances, these three little words wouldn't cause such anxiety.  After all, I'm usually pretty understanding. And if you need more time, by all means, take it.  But Space...ugh.  When you see a friend hurting, all you want to do is run up and hug him or her and help make things better.  And when that isn't allowed, it adds an element of anxiety to Understanding and Time as well.  

So today, to find my way to Space, Understanding, and Time, I'm looking deep within me to find Strength.  And I'm hoping to muster up enough to send some to my friend too, because I think we can all use a little extra when we're going through a difficult time.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Small Stuff

I had this huge long rambling monologue ready to post about stressing over stuff that is only huge in your own mind, and not giving yourself credit where credit is due.  And then I became bored with my words,  So let's try this again.

I had a discussion last night with the roomie regarding his first official "not set up by someone, but actually took the initiative to ask her" date.  He's stressed over explaining the "issues" that have consumed his mind and complicated his life over the last four years.  As he's asking my opinion on "how do I explain this? how do I explain that?", I looked at him and simply replied, "you don't."  I suggested that these issues are really only issues to him, and certainly don't need to be discussed with a girl he's just getting to know (if he would like to CONTINUE to get to know her!).

Bottom line, "don't sweat the small stuff."  This is an attitude that I take to heart each day.  And make sure to give yourself credit when you deserve it.  There are a lot of things in this life that I could really let get me down.  But in my heart, I know that I'm continually working to improve my situation, and just knowing that, and seeing the progress day by day, no matter how small it is, keeps me moving in a forward motion.

What "small stuff" can you alleviate from your daily stress routine?

Have an awesome day!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Opportunity Only Knocks....How Many Times?

Let me be honest...I will be the first person to look Opportunity squarely in the eyes, say hi, and introduce him to my best friends.  I'm typically a "the glass is already half full, so how could it be better?" sort of girl.  However, I'm currently in the process of retracting my previous thinking on the subject of Opportunity.

You see, my two year anniversary with my current employer is this week.  This is a prime example of an Opportunity that I am SO VERY THANKFUL that I took.  During my job search in the Tri Cities, I had the Opportunity to interview with two companies on the same day.  By the end of that day, I had made my decision, and I hoped that the company I chose also had come to the same conclusion.  Well, the "non-chosen" made an offer first, offered me more money, and wanted me to start ASAP...all things that I was looking for in a position. But the Opportunity didn't "feel" right.  I held out for the "chosen one," who in return offered me less money to start.  HA!  A little less cash to start wasn't the worst thing I could think of, and I took the job with the "chosen one."

Friends, that Opportunity has lead me down a path that I am so very thankful for.  I have met amazing people who have filled my heart and soul with incredible love, friendship and passion for life.  In the short time I have known them, these people have seen me at my highest and lowest, and all of the steps in between, and they still take every Opportunity they can to be in my life.

Thank you friends, old and new, for being a part of one of the greatest Opportunity that I've taken advantage of!

What Opportunities are knocking at your door?  

Have an awesome day!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Goal #1

As a follow up to goal #1.....

Just wanted to remind you...and me!!  :)

How are your Goals coming?

Have an awesome day!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Cabin Fever

Captain’s Log: The mothership (aka: work) excused us for the day at 11 a.m. on Wednesday due to inclement weather.  Thursday morning, the 10 a.m. late arrival was changed to stay at home.  Friday morning, the 10 a.m. late arrival was changed to stay at home.  Friends, I’m losing my mind!  Granted, in a typical situation, a day off would be AWESOME!  However, when the roads are less than desirable for driving, it’s a completely different story. 

I did make it to the gym once, and Starbucks twice, so I really can’t complain.  And I’ve had time to catch up on some movies I’ve wanted to watch. Have you ever watched Portlandia?  Being a Portland, OR native, this show was a MUST for me to see, and it’s flipping HILARIOUS!  Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein do amazing work!

Bottom line, with a little of this and a little of that, chased by a mimosa, this four and a half day weekend isn’t turning out to be too bad.  Tomorrow, sushi is DEFINITELY on the menu….even if I have to walk there.  OK, it’s kind of far, but still…sushi…..

How do you beat cabin fever?  And have you watched Portlandia yet?  Because you really should.  Just sayin…

Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Truth be told, I’m not a fan of snow.  Not.  At.  All.  Give me 85 degrees, a margarita and put me on a boat and I’m a happy camper.  So with the local news focused on Snow Storm 2012, I quickly grew weary.  I went to bed at 10 p.m. last night and there wasn’t a lick of precipitation.  The roommate said it was 37 degrees and with the winds howling around the house, I assumed (hoped!) that the storm would miss us.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up 2:30 this morning (yes, unfortunately 2:30 a.m.) to see the ground covered in snow and the street light reflecting even more glitteriness!  And then….imagine my irritation when I realized that I’m actually excited that it’s snowing….so excited in fact that I don’t fall back asleep until 3:30.  Great thoughts flowed through my mind….snow day away from work, shoveling the driveway (yes, I actually enjoy shoveling snow)…so many options, so little time!  But sleep….sleep would have been nice too.  It’s the little things.

On the up side, I am thankful for endless photo ops with this type of weather.  I was gifted a camera this past weekend…a new to me toy that I was playing with last night.  I brought it with me to work today and am hoping to get some shots of snow covered wonderfulness.  Maybe something for today’s pic of the day?  (www.flickr.com/angiespringer)

What is your favorite type of weather?  And what is your favorite activity to do during said weather?

Have a great day!

P.S.  Early release from work happened! WOO HOO!  No snow pics yet...taking a break from shoveling!  :)

Monday, January 16, 2012


A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum….  OK, not so much on the way to the Forum.  Slightly interesting though…as I pondered what wonderfulness I wanted to share with you today, I drew a complete blank!  I started at my notepad…and nothing.  Now, I found this fascinating for a couple of different reasons.  First, I’ve written for a grand total of four days and I’m already out of things to say?  Really??  Those of you who know me personally know for FACT that this couldn’t be the case.  Secondly, I had an awesome weekend….and I have nothing to write about?  Huh, interesting…..

Well, decision made, friends.  I’ve found inspiration in the fact that I have amazing people in my life!  I had the opportunity to hang out with my incredible group of friends (the WolfPack and Spoons…more about them in a different post), tried a new workout routine (Crossfit) and didn’t DIE, hiked Badger Mt (on the same day as said workout where I didn’t die)…..it was a weekend full of amazingness!  Not that I wasn’t already well aware of this, but this weekend really opened my eyes to the fact that my life is amazing.  I live in an awesome area that receives 300+ days of sunshine a year.  I have an incredible group of friends that I am so thankful to have in my life.   And every day, I’m given the opportunity to build stronger and deeper relationships with these people.  I find great inspiration and strength in them, and for that, I am eternally grateful!

Where do you find inspiration each day in your life?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th!

I’m not going to lie….I’m not the least bit superstitious.  If I could hold 13 black cats under a ladder while standing on a broken mirror, I’d totally do it.  I’m not scared.  Heck, if I could hold 13 cats at once, I think that would be considered a great feat!

But I digress.  Today, people will be wandering around thinking doom and gloom is upon them.  Friends, I’m here to pull you away from the ledge and let you know that, here in the Tri Cities area of Eastern Washington, it’s a sunny, beautiful (albeit cold!) fabulous and wonderful day!

Doom and gloom is a mindset.  Each day you have a choice to make.  Are you going to let life’s hiccups get you down, or are you going to say no thank you to the negative?  I will tell you right now….It’s a beautiful Friday, blue skies and sunshine, and I’m living life to the fullest!

How is your Friday the 13th shaping up?

Have an awesome day!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hi.  My name is Angie, and I’m a Pinterest addict. (Hi Angie.)  Ugh.  It’s fact.  I could spend a million hours on this sight, looking at what my friends are looking at, and also clicking the Everything tab at the top (over and over, and over) to see what the rest of my fellow addicts are reviewing.  So. Very. Entrancing.

One thing that I do love about Pinterest, besides the amazing style ideas that I dream about having in my closet, is the collection of words…phrases, if you will.  I am, and always have been, a fan of Words of Wisdom…the little sayings that make you think, YES, you’re right!  Words on love, words of humor, words on hurt, pain, and strength…these words find their way into my heart and soul. 

When I’m feeling a little less than sunshiny, I use these words as reminders.  Yes, working out tonight is a GREAT idea!  Yes, I am strong enough to get through whatever is ailing me. YES, I do deserve happiness in my life!

What do you use as motivation when you’re feeling less than sunshiny?

Have an awesome day!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

I am a firm NON-believer in New Year’s Resolutions.  I believe that they are little mental notes that are made to be broken…a little promise to one’s self with no meat behind it.  Sure, you can SAY you want to lose weight or make more money or become fiscally responsible this year, but the real Resolution should be HOW you’re going to make this happen. 

Instead of Resolutions that I inevitably will break, I choose to set Goals for myself.  And this year, I’m raising the bar…no pain, no gain!  So, here it goes….

  1. BE as happy and sunshiny as I pretend to be, inside and out.  I tend to put on a good front when it comes to happy sunshininess (yes, this is a word!), and I am well aware that it’s not a healthy way to live.  So, to meet this goal, I will stick to my work out routine, because this keeps my mental and physical health in check.  More importantly, I will surround myself with people who are positive and uplifting.  I have spent a lot of time over the years with people who are less than sunshiny.  They say it’s easier to rip a person down than it is to lift him/her up.  This year, I will dedicate my time to those who want to be a part of my life, and who want to help me be positive and successful each day in this life.
  1. Run a 5K.  This is a new one that I just decided on this morning while I was in the shower.  I’ve been running quite a bit, and actually enjoying it.  The catch….I’m a treadmill runner, so taking the leap from indoors to outdoors will be a stretch, but I’m going to do it!  To meet this goal, I’m going to start out small….maybe a mile or so outside.  I’m confident that 3 miles will soon be no big deal and I’ll be well on my way to running my first 5K!
The fun thing about goals....they're made to be updated, changed, tweeked, added to as you meet them.  This is just my start for 2012.  I'll update you as I come up with more!

What are your Goals for 2012?  And how can I help you reach them?

Have an awesome day!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 1

Good morning, and thank you for joining me on this little blogging adventure!

This morning was "one of those days"....full moon, didn't sleep well, woke up four or five times, which is totally unlike me, and then.....the dreaded 4:30 a.m. alarm.  It was questionable whether or not I would make it to the gym this morning.  Low and behold, I found the umph to drag myself to the upright position.

Bottom line, I did it.  I put my mind to it, made it to the gym, and had a tough, but rewarding work out this morning.  For those who don't know, I lift in the mornings for about 45 minutes, and then return in the evening after work to get in the cardio.  This works well for me because I LOVE the accomplished feeling of working out first thing in the morning, and then knowing that I'm getting that extra dose of calorie burn in the evenings adds a bit more sunshine to my day.

As I left the house, I realized it had rained overnight.  Interesting.  It hasn't rained in the Tri Cities in....well, possibly forever.  My lawn is super dead.  But I was thankful to see the wet pavement.  By the time I began the drive to work at 7 a.m., the temperature had dropped about 10 degrees and everything was slippy-slidey fun!  Between that, the full moon, and a light fog hanging around, it was an awesome drive into work!

What is your morning routine?  How do you convince yourself on "those days" that getting out of bed actually is a good idea?